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knight Howl, Night Owl

knight Howl, Night Owl

A Poem by poetic minds

Hi, just take a bow
and buy up the towels

walk up through the park
and ask how
sit under a ark
make a scowl

ask the owl
take a howl
we all have the time
so shoot out your rime
and kill the night hour
speak up Mr. night owl
turn off the shower
you are the new best song
hit ground and scower
fix this castle up strong

now you tell me how
you could say that now
how could you tell me how
could you now tell me how
now you can tell me now

Am I standing ruler straight
if not, it is our fate
the sail is made for the water
and the water for it
why this sun is getting hotter
this lake, gives me fits
I almost forfeit
I nearly forget
that if I should quit
there'd be no sail for the water
no water for it

now we could talk till there's stars
or we could walk upon mars
it's your choice for the pick
please don't make it to quick
cause the one you choose will stick
the whole world would be in stuck
and be pulled out with a truck
dump truck or a crane
I cant pull it out
in the rain
so just leave it out
let's leave on a train
and get out

no need to pout
about what we left out
but if you need to shout
about the past
let it be last
we'll have a blast
fast is far last
first in the past

don't wear that scowl
give out that howl
I want to see a knight howl
don't try to be a night owl
or when you see morning hour
you'll be a hour less power

you are
the only blue flower
so far
dissipate the hour
you're the owl
neither fowl
or with scowl

you're just ruffled
a bit troubled
but who could blame
the unborn fame
on a rusty train
the fastest plane
a vacant plain
are not insane
are just not quite plain
can dance and sway
would sing this way
I, feel your shiver of breath
crawling up my sleeve
and the word that it said
for me you won't leeve

you, you are the owl of the night
you find every coyote fight
your the wend howling in the night
free with vigilance, you're a kite
you have your own dance, dance just right

pretty owl
walk the walk
the night owl
talk the talk
running the walk
done with the talk
don't you just chat
we need to conversate
we are night owl
walk on our hour
you say it so flat
when you're talking at that rate

lets howl
it's a knight howl
sound like a mob howl
don't you give me that scowl
I wipe you down with a towel
you need to know that we're night owls
you have a beat with incredulous sound

OH, you need, you need
you need to know that we are night owls
sit awake,wait for the knight to howl
you're a night owl
we're night owls
last up this hour
the night owl..

this is just a bit

By W. M.

© 2009 poetic minds

Author's Note

poetic minds
Hello, fellows. I am new and never have really taken a class to help in this kind of writing, so I would appreciate your opinions. I will have more posted when I can

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Well that was just pretty unique and orginal, never read anything like the before.. :] What a completely different idea to write about..Wonderful


Posted 10 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 16, 2009
Last Updated on December 16, 2009


poetic minds
poetic minds


Hello, My Name is Wesley. I have been writing since I was about 13. Started off writing crap, but its improved a bit since then. I never have taken any classes to improve my work. So if you have any h.. more..