I Missed Out On You

I Missed Out On You

A Poem by poetic minds

I guess I missed out on you,
I wish that I was over you,
Hope that I find someone new,

And maybe,

She will be something better,
Or maybe just like you,
Cause I can't wait forever,
To find another you,

Because you,
Always made me smile,
Only you,
Had me running miles,

You could always make me laugh,
Through each moment that we had,

Only you made me scared,
You always made me stare,

Just the sight of you,
Could put the fear of God in me,
Could I share with you,
This golden life that we both see,

But no,
I must have struck the page,
She goes,
Left my heart with such age,
And turned this tattered page,

She wrote this new chapter,
And yes I noticed,
She's using a new ink,
Left me one less chapter,
She's blessed I know this,
She lit my heart with ink,

Now, I guess we moved on,
How, seems its been so long,
Heck, she has had a son,

But she is talk of history,
The history I can't stop thinking about,

I can't seem to find love,
Cause love is something that you were,
You could dance like a dove,
Can't find anyone like you were,

Nobody makes me laugh,
They just make me cry,
I can't find what we had,
Desperation's sigh,
It leaves me in a mist,
where love is never crisp,
And smiles never last,
And chapters fly so fast,

I guess I missed out on you,
I missed out on love,
I missed out on life,
My one dancing dove,
Loves romantic dive,
I missed out on Happiness,
I missed out on you.

© 2010 poetic minds

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Very relative

Posted 9 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 16, 2010
Last Updated on February 16, 2010


poetic minds
poetic minds


Hello, My Name is Wesley. I have been writing since I was about 13. Started off writing crap, but its improved a bit since then. I never have taken any classes to improve my work. So if you have any h.. more..