Mother may I

Mother may I

A Chapter by Emily Dickinson Jr.

"Sir, I’m really glad you did, but why did you give me a gun? I'm a preschooler! I'm not even the oldest in my class! I'm not very popular Mr. Johnson." questioned Hollie reluctantly.

    As Hollie questioned her good fortune she clutched the pistol like a favored stuffed bear. She clutched it tightly as if by questioning the man would make him take it away.


"Little one, as I mentioned earlier I work for the government. You know what the government is, don't you Hollie?"

“My mommy says it's a place of impor.. importiti..impotionince!"

"Importance, Hollie, and she's right." The tall man chuckled in bemusement.

    This wonderfully strange girl was going to be the end of him. She already had him wrapped around her finger. Even if she didn't know it, he did.


“You work there, right? So that means you must be very imp. imp... special."

"Just right, and because we're so "special" we're always looking for other special people to help us and join our team. It's my job to find those people."

“Is that why you came, today?"

"No, but I'm always looking. I think Hollie that you might be able to join my special division, but first there's something else you must understand.

"Hollie, do you know how adults are more important than little girls and don't tell them everything?"

"Yeah, I do." confirmed Hollie glumly

"Well my division in the government is even more important than the normal parts of the government. Because we're so important we don't tell the government everything we do; just like how your mommy and daddy don't tell you."

“So if the governments special you must be extra-extra special!" She concluded.

"You could say that."

"What's your div'sion called?"

“I can't tell you." "bu-" 

"I've already told you far to much. However if your mom will let you join then I will tell you everything. A whole new world will open to you Hollie."

   She began to smile dreamily.


"If your parents say no however then you will not remember me, nothing I have said, nor where you got that gun from; No one will."

"Sir, I want them to say yes, I want a new world. I don't like this one much."


"The other kids and teachers call me a devil. They say no, but I think they're scared of me."


   He motioned for her to go on.


"Well I really love horror movies and that weirded them out a lot already. They called it an unholy hobby. When other kids heard them talking to me in a corner about it they started turning real mean. A couple weeks ago they started hitting me in the school yard. A few times I got really scared and they ended up on the ground hurt a bunch worse then me. I don't know how I did it; they were all a lot bigger than me. When I told that to the principal sister She said I was possexed."

"Possessed?" he gasped.

“Everyone found out what she said and everyone started all scared and calling me a devil. I don't like it, not one bit mister. They tried real hard to kick me out of St.Patricia's but momma stopped them. I kind of wish she didn't."

"Hollie-" "click!"

   The lock had neatly turned and the door swung cleanly open. A purple taloned hand grabbed Hollie by her pink jacket and pullet her out the door dragging her little feet. Her shiny black shoes may not survive this day.


"Mr. Johnson, Have you set the little dev-er, I mean sweetheart straight on guns?"

    Mrs. Linden purred, flipping her shining gold curls over her slender shoulder. Though aesthetically he could admire her hair, he just didn't think her attractive anymore. Somehow the friendly smile from earlier seemed nothing more than a forced pleasantry now. After hearing Hollie he would never look at the woman the same again, nor the school. Strangely, He didn't rightly care.


"Beautiful Sarah, I have taken this child aside and explained many things to her. The things she responded with however trouble me greatly."

   The teacher smiled a knowing smile.


“I am afraid that I feel it urgent to speak to her parents."

"Parent." she corrected curtly.

“I would be must obliged if I could simply leave with her now."

   He shot her a dazzling white smile. Before, it would have been natural to smile at the lovely teacher. Now, it sickened him. A pretty pink blush stained her porcelain cheeks in a shade of rosemary.


"We- well, normally such a thing is completely out of the- I mean to say it isn't done!"

"You don't say?" he purred and waited '4, 3, 2, 1, 0.'

"Well Hollie is different from the other girls I suppose since it's her..."

"I would be grateful Madame."

"We could allow an exception in the girl's case I suppose. I will work it out with the office. Jeremy does as I say any who, so consider it done. God bless you, sir.. For saving her soul. We all have tried."

    Her dewy brown eyes glistened in tears,

He really couldn't hate her as he dearly wanted. She was a good teacher and seemed to truly care for Hollie and the other students. As misguided as her care was it was there nonetheless.

    Hollie waited in the office for her teacher and new friend to say their goodbyes. She was kicking her feet back and forth when Mr. Johnson grabbed her soft hand. He swiftly escorted Hollie out the grand double doors of St.Patricia’s. As they were descending down the long stone staircase into the street the thick oak doors swung open once more.

It was Mrs. Linden. Her normally perfect curls were disheveled her, her cheeks bright red, and her eyes wide.


“I’ll never forget you Kael Johnson, and daren't you, I! May the lord bring us together again?"

"And I, you Sarah." he whispered to the wind, "May God save this angel’s tainted soul."


   He left; never looking back at Mrs. Linden’s wounded face. He walked and walked hand in hand with Hollie down the long winding cement walks of Milwaukie. Little Hollie just looked watched and hummed the tune "The arms of an angel" never saying a word. They had walked what seemed to Hollie to be hours before she spoke up.


“Mr. Johnson?"


“Mrs. Linden called you Kael.... can I call you Kael to?" Je stopped abruptly looking like a deer in the headlights.

" Hollie...." be began breathlessly," I.. I... ok sweetheart but only if I can call you LiLi." "Kay, Kael!"


    A smile wider then the Mississippi spread across her cherub cheeks.


‘Why did I do that? What if her mom says no? I.I can't let her go now. She knows my name...I gave her a pet-name! It's like my momma always said “If you name something then it ain’t never gonna leave."'


   Meanwhile Hollie was humming “If you're happy and you know it clap your hands." By the end of Hollies’ song they had arrived at a large brown-brick apartment building.


"Heya, Kael? How come you know where me and momma live?"

He chuckled, “LiLi the government knows all and We know more than all. You will too, if your mama says yes."

  They entered the old brick building and took the brand new elevator up to the third floor. They arrived at number 316 still and and hand rung the bell, and waited.


“Can I help you?-"

    The woman answering the door asked and seeing the man and her child blinked owlishly. Kael hearing the question looked down. There was a small woman 5'3 with a loose ponytail of hair. She was wearing cackies and an oversized jersey saying "Yeah, I love the yankees," above the number nine and “screw you." below it. Her hair was pin staight and many shades lighter than Hollies’. She whispered coldly,


“Get in here ,baby, now."


    Once Hollie was behind her leg and clutching her pant-leg she smiled kindly.


“Won’t you come into our home, my name is Amy Deshana."


   Thirty minutes later they were sipping tea on an old sea green sofa while Hollies’ head spun like a top taking in the familiar yellow walls. sluuuuurp!


“So you mean to say you are a secret agent, basically,"

"Well, yes, but it sounds so cliché when you say it like that I like to refer to myself as one of the government's many parents. There to make sure it never screws up, at least not to bad."

"and you want Holly a four nearly five year old child to be one with you."

"Well when you put it that way it does sound absurd."

"Too right it does! Why on earth should I allow this?"


  Kael lowered his head until his bangs covered his expressive eyes.


"I… do not pretend to be a mother or to know anything about it, I'm only twenty-two. But if I was I'd want the best for little LiLi. The school you have her in thinks her unnatural. She has amazing talents to fight, to attack, to defend. She could use those to protect you and everyone else in this country. One day a student or a teacher will try to "exorcise the devil" . Hollie will attack, fight, and defend until someone is dead. She doesn't know that, she's to young to. However, she's old enough to want out and she does. She told me so."


   Tears were rolling down Mrs.Deshana's face.


'perhaps I went to far.' Kael wondered.


   She opened her mouth looking as if she were about to scream. Her lips shaping a violent "no" and the words “get out” that would have followed were obvious. Her voice never even got to the nn- of no. There was a sudden clutter and Hollie was standing before them both above eye level. Both her feet were planted on the asg gray coffee table. She had swept notebooks and both cups of tea on to the floor in her effort to scramble up. Both her small palms were curled into tight trembling fists.


"Mommy! I don't like St. Patricia's world. I want Kael's world! St. Patricia's makes my heart hurt."


   She slams a palm against her chest.


“I don't know all your grown-up words. What I do know is, I have to go or, or Hollie won't be Hollie anymore!"


  She had tears soaking her face and dampening her jacket collar. She screamed, finally


"Mommy, may I go? Please!"


   She blubbered through the whole thing, but years of experience allowed Amy to understand every word. Her baby girl's pain had shocked her out of any thought of denial. Her screams were lost on her lips. she grabbed Hollies’ trembling arms and shoved her small snot-covered face into the nook of her neck.


"Yes, baby. You can go, I won't stop you."


"Really, Momma?"

"Just promise one thing baby girl?"


    She beamed through her wet lashes.


“That you will remember me and your heart will always be a Deshana."

"Course, Mommy! I won't never forget!"


   Amy finally looked away from her now beaming baby.


"You better protect her."

“I, will."

"You promise, boy? You best give me your word!" "That and more, Mrs.Deshana; so much more." “Good. That’s all I need."


   She held Hollie away from her body.


"Get! The both of you, before I change my mind."

   Kael held Holly wiped her cheeks smooth of salt-water and brought her to her room setting her on her bed.

 “Bring only T-shirts, and pants and nothing bright. Pack only what’s precious to you and nothing more."

      Hollie nodded resolutely and did exactly as he asked packing away five pairs of outfits into her purple back-pack. She ran to the rest of the house and got her hair things and packed them to. She shoved in her favorite brown, stuffed-bear and gently on top put a picture of her mom. They nodded to each other and walked straight to the door. They didn't say another word to the mourning mother nursing a new cup of tea.

    The whole time there they had never mentioned the gun sitting at the bottom of Hollies’ Barney Backpack. Amy didn't know so many things but Kael pondered to himself perhaps it was better that way. Hollie didn't know that when she said the words "Mother may I...” that those were the last time she would say those words for many, many years. Where she was going there would be no games, not even her favorite one of "Mother, May I." There would most certainly be no mothers.

© 2012 Emily Dickinson Jr.

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A better chapter but one that needs to be re-read as there seems to be a lot of typos and/or things that make it hard to make sense of at the beginning.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ok, I really like this book and I always look forward to reading the next chapter. However, If I was Hollis's mom I would never let her go with some strange man. He could be a killer for all she knows. Also, I don't think a spy would want a 4 year old to help, even if she is good with guns. As I said, I like this book, but I think it is a bit far fetched.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

i think ppl tend to jump to conclusions honestly. I never said he was a spy not saying he is or isn.. read more
Isobella Rose

11 Years Ago

I understand your argument, I do, but especially if I was in shock I would not let her go. If he is .. read more
Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

yeah its just ppl always jump to conclusions .... she didnt know how to use a gun at all. never sai.. read more
Some times I feel like she is four years old and other times I feel like she's well advanced for her age yet you make no know information of her being advanced in any areas but at the butt end of a pointing, loaded gun. So I struggle with that a lot, however it's still a good read and I'm interested of where the story is going so it hasn't completely discouraged me. Had it done that then I wouldn't be reading at all, but there is still plenty that catches my attentions and gets me thinking... what's next? And that is a good thing. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

though I am considering making her 6 i think i may have made her a tad to young for her personality .. read more
Amanda Dawn Sanderson-Greer

11 Years Ago

Sounds reasonable. :)
Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

yeah im pretty sure. I made her 4 for the shock factor but I think six may be more apropiate
Nice going!
I can't wait for the next chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

lol thanx so much!!!
stay tuned!! ;-)
Interesting indeed and very intriguing I can see an underlying message here keep it up

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

thanx so much J! im glad you like the idea :-)
A few spelling mistakes, but otherwise another great chaper! And the crazy lady is like oh my god. Great character development and the plot is great too!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

I tried to go through. Im glad you like it !!
Alexa Tasch

11 Years Ago

I did like it
You have a gift for story development and I have to say, I was speed reading it, then something caught my eye and I slowed down. Good stuff.......

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

YOu really think so?? That make me so happy! This is my first book so I'm really glad im getting g.. read more
I really like the whole story development here! And you got me hooked by the story... It's really interesting, I think this story is also very different from the others, I'd never read something like this before, and I simply love it!
Also, I can't wait to see the character development since you've really interesting characters here! ;P

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

awww thanx cynthis!!! im so glad you like it!
Very interesting!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

11 Years Ago

im glad u think so

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Emily Dickinson Jr.
Emily Dickinson Jr.


Im just a highschool girl. Writing is my hobby and I think Im fairly good at it but I leave you to be the judge of that. :-) my best short stories are: more..


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