Take her to Suzie

Take her to Suzie

A Chapter by Emily Dickinson Jr.




A building towered high gleaming with a heavenly, metallic shine. Hollie tried to count all the windows and doors; she couldn't.


"Is this your world? Is this the place where things will be change?" asked Hollie.


"No, LiLi. Not yet, but soon. This is where my boss works, when he is in public view. I want you to stay out of site as much as you can. Stay behind me, grab onto my cloths, and don't let go, until I say so. Can you do that?”


"Sure! I'll be a very good girl. Then we can go, right, right?" she pleaded.


"As long as things go, right." Hollie stepped into Kael's long shadow.


Her clothes blended into it surprisingly well. She had a tight hold on Kael's pant leg. She giggled in excitement.


" Shush! LiLi you must be very quiet, back there."


Silence echoed in the empty courtyard. He soon got a quick reply of


"shush, shush."


 and then nothing. With a resolute nod he walked calmly into the building pushing aside the glass doors nonchalantly.


'So far, so good.' Kael was very relieved.


All at once three men turned around each in long black suits. Two had white shirts and one had blue. The one in blue had a white tie whereas the other two had black. The suit in the white tie spoke first. He was more confident.


 'maybe he was more "special" than the other two' Hollie wondered.


Mr. White tie spoke "Welcome back Kael! Are you here to see the big guy?"


"Why else would I be in the same building as you, Nick?"


"Ooh burn! Why do you have to be like that? We used to be such good friends?" asked the lean agent.


“Used to is correct." was the sharp retort.


Nick just sniffed and ran a hand through his curly red hair with his fingers lightly.


"Jared, Raoul, come."


Black tie one and black tie two scampered up by Nick's side. They nodded once in sync toward Kael and walked away like bodyguards on Nick’s right and left.  He sauntered out of the building with one hand on his right hip. He was very careful not to wrinkle his Armani suit.


"Kael?" came a shy whisper.


"Yeah, Hollie"


"LiLi." she corrected.


"Right." he confirmed absently.


"Do you hate him?" Hollie asked nearly in tears.


"Not hate Hollie, never hate.” he reassured. “He has done things I'll not forgive."


"So, he's a bad man?" she looked up at him for confirmation.


"Yeah, you could say that, but that’s for you to decide for yourself some day; if it should come to that."


"Oh, alright. Eh, and my name’s LiLi!" She protested once more.


'I'm really going to regret that nickname, I just know It.' Kael lamented to himself.


"And remember shush!" Kael hissed at Hollie as the secretary looked up curiously.


There was no answer from Hollie and the lady at the desk looked back down to her book. Dodging that bullet Kael continued down the hall. His shiny black shoes tapping sharply against the polished marble floors. Hollies’ echoed behind his but were drowned out by the rush of suited workers. Many, many taps later they arrived at a giant wood door with a golden plaque on it that read, "Dux Secretorum".

"Kael, what language is that? It's not English is it?"


"It's not and shush you'll learn it if all goes as planned."




Kael rapped sharply on the door with his knuckles and waited.


"You may enter." was the answer from behind the heavy door.


Kael opened the door wide took several large strides forward and slowly closed it behind him. Hollie had plenty of time to follow discretely. She did so perfectly, the large man behind the desk was none the wiser.


"I heard you had a run-in with agent 09 in the lobby.” The meaty man questioned.

“That isn't of consequence."


The man's large face twisted in consternation and he snarled "Report, soldier!"


"Sir, yes sir, I have found a talent, a wonderful talent."


"That's rare for you Kael, I know better than most how un-easily you are impressed."


He seemed to have forgiven Kael for not gossiping with him.


“Special circumstances are needed for a special girl."


He could feel Hollies’ smile pressed against his leg.

“A special girl? Should I be expecting little mini- agents soon?"


The large man chuckled at Kael's expression of horror fondly.


"Okay, okay not special in that way. Tell me her and your story. You know how I like my stories and this I feel will be an exceptional one."


Kael nodded his head resolutely.


"It all started when I got a call while I was watering my plants."


"Such... lovely... plants they are to, soldier."


"Please lay off the plants, sir" Kael reprimanded.


"Alright, alright, go on. "


“Alright, well I go a call from my cousin, Charlotte. She said her best friend Sarah Linden was in a bind. Her friend had promised her boss that she would be able to get a guest speaker on gun safety. She failed, obviously. She told Charlotte if she couldn't find anyone she would lose her job. I really didn't want to go at all. It was my day off as you know, sir. I was reluctant for obvious reasons."


"You never were the gentle type." He chortled, "Those poor students, however did your cousin convince you?"


"Blackmail." Kael looked down ashamed.


His manly pride was quite wounded, especially since Hollie was there. She heard every word.




"Yes, and I'd rather not clarify, sir." He looked sternly at his large leader. "Suffice to say, I gave her my word I would come over the next day and lecture the class. Things where going quite well until I started asking questions and I discovered a genuine firearm enthusiast among the students. Her answers made chills go up my arms, sir. I can't describe it but I felt frightened by her, of what she could be. You always told me to follow and trust my instincts sir. I couldn't very well test my theory on the girls prowess in the open in front of the class. The teacher never would have allowed such a thing. So, I took the girl, Hollie, into an empty room under the guise of giving her a stern talking to. I gave her the chance to shoot and it's almost as if she transformed. She shot all five targets and got consecutive bulls-eyes. This happened all within three seconds and from the same spot."


The Bulky leader's gray eyes bulged from his head.


"By, the gods! That's on par with Jordan and he's our best!"


Kael chuckled fondly "I had a similar reaction sir. Suffice to say I talked her mom into letting me take her to see if you would let her into our special program. She has become like a daughter to me."


Hollies’ smile against his leg seemed to stretch impossibly wide for her small face.


"Excellent, Kael! I send you into out constantly searching the world over for anyone with even a modicum of talent. Yet, on the one day you have off you find a beautiful and deadly rose! The chances of it, I ask you!"


"When can I see the woman? High-school still isn't out for another twenty minutes, so will you fetch her then for me?"


"There is no need I have her with me, in fact." He told his boss matter-of-factly.


"Really! Kael, that's wonderful. Where is she, though? She's not beside you or even behind you? No woman is that skinny. Is she waiting outside the door? "


“Not at all! Hollie, sweetheart, you can come out now."


Hollie finally stepped out of Kael's shadow. She looked up at the large man and gave her signature gap-toothed smile and said "hey, mister!"


The man just kept on staring. He switched from Kael's eyes that seemed to be flashing mischievously in the light and Hollies’ little head that stood quite a bit shy of Kael's hip.


“Is this a joke Kael?"

“No, sir it's not."


"It's impossible! She’s what five? She couldn't possibly be as good as you say she's to young it's not possible, it's just not."


"Four actually sir and I kid you not. It is quite possible sir."


"But, but, she's so young..." He had switched to staring exclusively at Hollie. "Better to fool our enemies with, don't you agree?"

The man whispered thinkingly, "Quite right, quite right. She would be a perfect intelligence gatherer. No one would question a child."


"I won't let her shoot Kael! I just can't, not yet. I have a small daughter myself my wife would assassinate me before the girl could assassinate her first enemy."


Kael looked to be deeply thinking, "Perhaps that is best, sir."

'I had never thought that she would have to kill if she shot for our group. I couldn't make a killer out of her, not this young. Thank god, the boss has a daughter. I can be so stupid!'


The large man laughed suddenly and held out his hand down low.


"It's nice to meet you Hollie. You can call me Jordan for now. Kael, send her to the barracks and tell Suzie we have another to be trained up."


Jordan collapsed heavily into his large plush chair. They stayed in their spots. He pointed wearily to the door and they speed out like a pair of birds out a window.

© 2012 Emily Dickinson Jr.

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Okay, I have to say, I find Hollie to be so cute!!!! I love where you are going with this and I cannot wait to read more!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Again, this story is sucking me in! One thing: the director/leader exclaims about how this new recruit Kael found is on par with Jordan, who's the agency's best, but then at the end we learn that this Jordan IS the leader? Was he talking about himself in third person when he exclaimed that?
Other than that, really nicely done. I like the run-in you give us with this Nick and his cronies. A bit of foreshadowing, maybe?
Keep it up,
C. d'Argent

Posted 8 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

8 Years Ago

No there are two jordans! :-) I could change that I really just pick the first name that comes to i.. read more

Posted 8 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

8 Years Ago

thanx :-)
The drama and personal plights of the characters get ratcheted up more with each successive chapter...this story is coming along very nicely :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

8 Years Ago

thanx so much!!!! I'm glad you like the drama! hahahaha

8 Years Ago

You're very welcome :D
Love it will have to keep following

Posted 8 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

8 Years Ago

Thanx J ! :-)
Grammitical errors & a spelling check is needed (names sometimes mispelled & uncapitalized also), but otherwise can't wait for the training of the new recruit to begin, very brilliant as always :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

8 Years Ago

thanx I havent even spellchecked it yet lol its very rough. Im glad your enjoying the story :-)

8 Years Ago

Welcome ;p
I am still captivated by the freshness of this piece but so many errors need to be edited out. Loads of them!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

8 Years Ago

thanx I hvnt looked through it yet this is my rough draft I guess u could call it. :-) im happy ur .. read more

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Emily Dickinson Jr.
Emily Dickinson Jr.


Im just a highschool girl. Writing is my hobby and I think Im fairly good at it but I leave you to be the judge of that. :-) my best short stories are: http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/poisinros.. more..


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