A Blast From the Past: Future celebs meet dictator

A Blast From the Past: Future celebs meet dictator

A Story by Emily Dickinson Jr.

I wrote this for an English class. we had to choose three famous people and write about having dinner with them. tell me what you think :-)


      Snow swirls around my head ,but I feel no cold.  I hear bangs and see lights; like fireworks, inches from my skin, but I feel no pain.  I’m in an abyss of chaos;  up and down to me right now, have no meaning.  My eyes wide and my pupils dilated, I take in the overwhelming activity of chaos and nothingness surrounding me.  Suddenly, everything stops and I’m left with only nothingness; only a dense black abyss.
     Out of the black appears one point of icy blue ,and then a few seconds later a second point of aquamarine.  These two points were two very bright eyes, yet there was no emotion in these eyes.  There was no way these eyes could be the eyes of a human.  Soon after the appearance of the two eyes appeared a face, a scalp of silvery hair and a lithe body, in a massive silk white gown.  What she was, I don’t know, but she offered me something special ,something I didn’t believe at the time.  She told me she was a god, and she grew dreary and bored.  She said, she could kill me any second but wouldn’t if I entertained her.

     Of course, I said yes.  The only condition was that I would entertain her by having dinner with three famous people, and of course that it would be funny.  After she said this, she began to disappear back into the black just as she had originally appeared.  Just as her mismatched eyes began to go, I heard a whisper telling me that to bring my chosen people to my home I must clap my hands twice and yell bang, and then the name of the person I wanted to summon, and then bang once more.
      Once the black abyss engulfed the entirety of my senses, it began to lighten to an almost warm reddish-brown.  I could feel my body now and to be sure I even wiggled my littlest toe.  Yup, I was back.  I slowly opened my eyes and smiled serenely; I was in my bedroom.  It must have been a dream. 

    I rolled over to my side and looked dazedly down at my pillow and saw something that made a frown drop to my face as if weighed down by a billion pound anvil.  There was an icy blue snow flake in the palm of my hand.  The snowflake was the same color as one of the woman’s eyes, and in the exact place she demanded I whisper.  It was no dream.  
       Eventually, my doom and gloom attitude was completely shed like a snake sheds its scales.  It’s not as if my task was so terrible; I just had to make dinner and be funny.  It really wasn’t very bad at all, especially when the alternative was dying.  So I went to the kitchen and literally began “cooking for my life”;  I made matzah ball soup, chocolate cake, and tacos.

      A cat walked by my window and gave me a look. I told it that I made tacos and that no, I wasn’t ,in fact, crazy.  Though thinking back on it, I was talking to a cat, so maybe I was.
        After preparing the table and setting up four seats I inhaled deeply; it was time.  I clapped my hands cleanly together twice, yelled loudly bang, whispered “Adolf Hitler”, and then yelled bang once more.  Slowly, you could see glowing red particles start to form and vibrate over one of the four seats I prepared. 

     Soon, Adolf Hitler was sitting before me, calmly, in front of the matzah ball soup.  I repeated the ritual twice more and called in Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe.  Their seats were by the tacos and chocolate cake.
     I chose Britney Spears because she makes everything dramatic and funny.  I chose Marilyn just because she’s awesome; being the first super model and all.  Also, I was curious how Hitler would react to her.  I chose Hitler, because everyone knows him and I thought he’d make things interesting. 

   I was fairly correct in my assumptions.  As I summoned the two ladies Hitler just sat there with his arm crossed and leered at them with a huge smirk on his face; he leered very obviously to.  Marilyn just gave him a disgusted deadpanned stare.  Britney, however, fluttered her eyelashes at him and gave him a great, big, goofy, smile.  His smirk turned form one of complete perversion to one of complete success with only undercurrents of perversion.

    Britney and Marilyn got up and switched seats.  Britney so she could be closer to Hitler, and Marilyn so she could be as far away from them as she could manage.  It was a perfect match because Hitler loves blonds ,and Britney loves guys in general.
      Soon all of us were eating and talking fairly amicably to each other, though Marilyn had a clear grimace of disgust on her face, whenever addressed by Hitler.  Hitler liked the matzah ball soup even though he didn’t know what it was.  Britney liked the chocolate cake and Marilyn liked the tacos. 

   While Hitler was gobbling down his soup like a starved man, I let a chuckle slip.  I tried to muffle it ,but to no avail.  As soon as the sound escaped my lips Hitler’s spoon froze hanging from his mouth between his lips.  He wanted to know what had made me laugh.  I asked if he knew what type of dish matzah ball soup was.  He didn’t know.  I gleefully informed him it was a Jewish dish.  His face turned deathly pale and his mouth opened.  The soup fell droopily back into his dish.  For the rest of dinner he sat there shivering and muttering “contamination”;  He wouldn’t stop no matter how much breast Britney flashed at him.  Marilyn just shook her head at the two of them.
      Britney ate her cake and Marilyn ate her tacos.  Marilyn ate two tacos and Britney ate the whole cake.  Marilyn just stared wide-eyed ate Britney.  When Britney burped and a small splatter of chocolate icing landed on Marilyn’s cheek, it was the last straw.  She clamped her hand over her mouth and ran to the bathroom. 

   Suddenly, Hitler seemed to snap out of his daze after Marilyn left and gave Britney an odd sort of smile.  He told Britney there was an army of naked men and pointed out the window.  We looked but there was nothing strange out the window except a lovely blue-jay.  When we looked back to ask about it we saw him trying to hang himself with the table cloth.  Britney just collapsed in tears on the table.  Why, I don’t know, they just met each other after-all.  I took the cloth away from Hitler and told him he was being a very bad Hitler, and that exterminating people was bad, even if it was himself.  He went back to his shivers and mutterings.

     Marilyn walked back into the room and returned gracefully to her seat.  She finished her ice-tea and stood once again.  After she did so, the other two followed her example.  They all said thank you for the meal , said It was wonderful, and started to glow once more.  Soon in a flash of white light they were gone and the table was completely cleared.  It was as if they were never there.  All that was left behind was a small card that was filled with laughter and congratulation for winning my life.  It was signed by the Goddess of Snow.

© 2013 Emily Dickinson Jr.

Author's Note

Emily Dickinson Jr.
don't comment on the lack of dialogue because the teacher wouldn't let us write in the dialogue

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Very witty and imaginative...well done^^

Posted 8 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

8 Years Ago

Very interesting. I especially liked the first part explaining how you had the power to summon those three people. I wonder who I would choose.... Although I'm pretty sure that their personalities aren't really as you described them, I rather enjoyed the three you picked out. Overall I thought this was pretty great; you didn't even need dialogue, that's how great this was! You already showed it to your teacher, right? How'd she react to it?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Emily Dickinson Jr.

8 Years Ago

my teacher thought it was very original and that was all she said really im glad you liked it and a.. read more
Becca Bishop

8 Years Ago

Good point :P when in doubt, go for humor. Or something with chocolate involved (wait, that's cookin.. read more
Emily Dickinson Jr.

8 Years Ago

lol thanx!

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Emily Dickinson Jr.
Emily Dickinson Jr.


Im just a highschool girl. Writing is my hobby and I think Im fairly good at it but I leave you to be the judge of that. :-) my best short stories are: http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/poisinros.. more..


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