i am violin

i am violin

A Story by nightshade

this is a personification story I had to write for a class i used my violin as inspiration hope you enjoy


I am a violin I did not know it when I was made but I know it now. This story is the story of the beginning of my life, and how i found out what I was and what I live for.

I was made in a factory. There I was shaped and given a sparkly green coating.  Then I got my strings. There   were four of them, G, a thick and low string, D, a slightly thinner higher pitch string, A, a thin string with a high voice, and E, a very thin and energetic string. My strings hung to me loosely as we were placed in a velvet lined case and were zipped in.

As I laid there I met some of my neighbors. Another inhabitant of our case is Bow he is long and hairy, he does not know what will happen to us. I am very frightened laying there in the darkness.

After I don’t know how long, we are moved. We are flown in a big cargo plane with lots of other stuff. We land safely and all the contents of the plane are put in a warehouse. We aren’t in a warehouse that long.

We are put in a truck and driven out. Bow fears for the worse and I am inclined to agree with him. My strings however are happy to be going new places.  

We are delivered and a creature (I know now as a woman) opened our case. She stared at us and we stared back at her. She beckoned to two other creatures and   they too stared at us and more specifically me.  She closed our case once more and took us into a different room. She put us on something soft and squishy.

We lay there so long I fell asleep. I was awakened by something opening our case. The girl who opened our case squealed with excitement when she saw me.

What happened next was the oddest thing in my life. She put something called a “Bridge” underneath my strings. Then she tightened my strings. She tightened my strings so tight my spine started to bend.

Then she got another bow. We call him old Bow because he has  been here the longest and knows the  most. The girl put me on her left shoulder and pulled the hair on old Bow over my strings.

I had never felt this way. All the vibrations made me sing. i had never known that I could make a sound with such beauty.

    She “practiced” with me. i didn’t  know i could be this happy. We played scales and arpeggios, and i got hooked on this feeling. The feeling of the vibrations and the connection with my strings I need it. I never wanted this moment to stop, but all good things must end, the glorious, melodic, sounds that i was making suddenly became harsh, violent screams. I wanted to stop the noise but i didn’t know how or why I was making these noises. The girl smiled patiently and tightened my strings again, for they had gotten very loose in our practice.

The next day she took me somewhere. She left me there. A big fuzzy guy drilled a hole in the back of my body. Then he glued in something that has become a part of me. He is called “shoulder rest”. Since the glue is not dry we are put in clamps.

The big guy told the girl that the reason our practice was sounding bad was me. I couldn’t believe that i was the reason the wonderful music had stopped. I thought that the girl would be mad at me for sounding bad, but she could not stop smiling and staring at me in a loving way. The girl couldn’t help but love me even though i hated having my strings so tight and i didn’t know anything about what i am. Even though she pulled my strings and is leaving me in this strange place where I don’t know what will happen to me.  I can’t help but love her. Mostly because I can’t make that wonderful magical music without her (believe me I have tried). It saddened me to see her leave, but there was nothing i could do.

Then what disturbed me the most is I heard the voice of my human talking to another human about taking another violin (whatever that is) to a place called school. Jealousy coerced threw me. I didn’t know that I am a violin too or that there will be many other times when the girl would need me at school all I knew was that i wasn’t going.

    I spent all day in my case but I was not that sad because the girl had moved Old Bow in to our case. He told us what we are. He told us our purpose in life. I am rather glad that I am what I am. According to Old Bow I will spend my entire life making that magical music that I can’t live without. I make a silent vow to the girl wherever she is that I will be the best violin she  will ever have.

After school she came back and got me. I was completely out of my mind with happiness at the very sight of her. The big guy said that i was all tuned and ready for her. Old Bow told me that tuning was tightening my strings until they were the right pitch. I could get used to the tuning if I could make music again.

The girl took me upstairs and we practiced. I was tired by the end but the girl never stopped smiling, which made me very happy. She put me in my case but didn’t close it, so I could see everything in my new home. she went over to a desk and started writing. Every few minutes shes would look at me quizzically but she never got up.

The other human her mother walked in the room and asked her what she was doing. The girl replied that she was finding a name for me. I was thrilled I was going to get a name. At first she tried translating the word “green” in to other languages but apparently she didn’t like any of them. There was one name that she thought might fit but we never speak of it. The girl was going to call me the Swedish word for green, but she wanted something more awesome more rock and roll for my name but what she couldn’t decide.

    What finally happened to get my name was when we were listening to someone play one of her favorite band’s songs on the violin. The violin in the video we watched was playing “twenty-one guns” by Green Day a song that i have since played many times. I have played many songs from composers and bands and i have found out what life is for. Life for me is being a rock and roll violin one day and being a steampunk violin the next. All to make that girl happy. My name is Billie Joe and i am a violin.  

© 2015 nightshade

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Aside from the typos, this is so adorable and awesome! It's a creative idea for a story and you did it quite well. It was interesting when you added how the violin feels about what's happening, it would have been cooler if you added even more of that. Overall great job.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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I loved this! When I write something in a rush I use "Grammarly" an app of google, why don't you check it out. But besides the grammar mistakes this is a very lovely story.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Aside from the typos, this is so adorable and awesome! It's a creative idea for a story and you did it quite well. It was interesting when you added how the violin feels about what's happening, it would have been cooler if you added even more of that. Overall great job.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Hi Nightshade. Your story is quite cute. Lots of typos, the most glaring i instead of I which causes the reader to stop reading, a thing most authors try and avert at all costs. Using a small I sometimes works in poetry but never in prose (just a helpful hint there I hope). I liked how you structured the story, always moving forward, and kept a nice flow of words. One thing I will compliment, is the lack of superfluous adverbs, adjectives and flowery and over-despritive phrases - the worst in prose writing! This was a joy to read, and with editing and a little tightening here and there will make a truly great read, alf

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thank you for such kind words. I am very glad that you liked it. I should have gone over it for typo.. read more

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Hello!! Most of my friends call me Nightshade and I am a 19 year old student studying English and some day will become a teacher. I know tht I haven't been on here lately but as a promis to myself I .. more..