Escape From Colorway Village

Escape From Colorway Village

A Story by Julie Beth

Its about a girl aqua who hates what her life has become and when a girl who she has never met gets thrown in prison, Aqua see's it as the perfect time her and the girl to start fresh.



The tall man stood at the edge of the porch. His silver eyes, warn, hurt, and confuse, were looking up at the miserable, cloudy, grey, sky. How had this happened? He wondered. Cyan Black always thought he raised his children right. Never once, had he thought that one of his children would harm the other. Never once had he thought he would be standing here, before his child's dead, empty, body...



  Aqua Sienna Black pushed her thin, auburn hair over her shoulder and sighed. Just by looking into her sparkling, aqua eyes, you could tell she was annoyed. She spent the past hour looking for Captain Pink's children, Maroon, and Lavender. He thought that they were angels. Aqua saw them as the devil's little monster minions. Playing hide-and-seek with them seem like a great way to get them out of her hair for a good while, she just forgot that she had to find them. If Captain Pink ever found out she lost his children, he would have Aqua's head.

  Aqua began to search the big, old house. She never wanted to be a nanny for Captain Pink. Actually come to think of it, she wanted nothing to do with him. If Aqua could control Colorway Village, she would have him in prison for the rest of his life. Aqua would show him what it was like to be a be her.

  Aqua checked every room in the house, looked around every corner, except for the dungeon. If those little monster are down there, Aqua thought, I'll make sure they never see light again. She went over to the big, rusted, metal door. It was already opened a crack. She pulled it open and made her way down the stairs.

  Aqua opened the door and the smelt of mold hit her instantly. It smelt exactly the same as it did ten years ago.

  She was eight the last time she went down in the dungeon. It was scary and confusing for Aqua. She still wakes up with nightmares. Aqua tried to shake the thought away. If she didn't Find Captain Pink's children, she would be in there again.

  Aqua started to descend down the stairs. They were damp and slippery. Aqua tried to grab on to the moldy, wet, wall for support, but it wasn't doing her any good. What have I gotten myself into? Aqua thought to herself. How are two eight year olds suppose to make it down here, if an eighteen year old girl couldn't? She was about to turn back, but then she heard voices.

"You can't do this to me! You are out of you minds!" A female's voice shouted.

"You are in our territory now! You do not talk to the Captain like that!" Another voice snapped back. The voice was a deep and male. Aqua heard it tons of times. She made her way down the stairs and hid in a dark corner, where she could see what was going on.

  The first person she saw was her brother Crimson. His jet black hair was tousled in frustration and his dragger red eyes looked as though they could kill. Standing beside him was Captain Pink.

"Now Crimson," Captain Pink said. "If she wants to die, then let her."

"I don't want to die! I want you to die!" Aqua looked at the female voice that shouted that. She looked to be Aqua's age. She had thick brunette hair and big swampy green eye. The girl was trapped behind the rusty cell bars.

"Are you snooping?" A girly voice asked. Aqua jumped, and whirled around to find Lavender. She had big purple eyes, and golden blonde hair, that went down to her shoulders.

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you and Maroon for over an hour!!" Aqua hissed.

"If you yell at me, I will tell my daddy and he will kill you." Lavender shot back in a whisper. "Maroon and I are hungry! So get upstairs and make us lunch."

  Lavender ran upstairs as Aqua started to get up. Aqua didn't know if it was because the girl behind trapped in the cell had inspired her by talking back or if it was because she was sick of being pushed around by eight year olds, but at that moment Aqua made her decision. She was going to break that girl out of the cell and run away.



"Dad, would you still love me if I did something bad?" Aqua asked as she nibbled at her bread.

"Aqua you are my daughter, I will love you no matter what you do." Cyan black said. His silver eyes showed that he was a bit confused so he ran his hand through his thin brown hair and tried to pry and answer from his daughter. "Are you planning on doing something bad?"

  Aqua's father was one of the good guys unlike her brother, Crimson. Usually Aqua could tell him anything, but if she told him her plan, it would break his heart. Aqua wasn't planning on coming home after she returned the girl to her home village. Aqua was sick of Colorway Village, of the Coral troops watching their every move, and, most importantly, of being a slave. It wouldn't be right to keep this from her dad though.

"I was in the dungeon today," Aqua lowered her voice incase if Crimson was near. “and this girl was being held prisoner because she wouldn't tell them where her village was or change her name to a color. I think I’m going to break her out tonight."

"But Aqua," her dad protested. "if they know you did it, they'll kill you."

Aqua avoided eye contact, took in a deep breath, and said, "I know. That's why I’m going with her."

"They'll know it was you Aqua. The only way they'll let you back home is by killing you."

Aqua knew he wasn't getting it. She just wished that she wouldn't have to explain this to him.

"Well that's the thing dad; I’m not coming back....ever."

Cyan face fell. He finally understood what was happening.

"I can't take being a slave anymore dad. Every day, I get up and I get pushed around. I didn't do anything wrong to deserve this." Aqua sobbed. Aqua's dad walked over and wrapped his arms around Aqua.

"You are a good child, the best child. You always put others before yourself. You're right. You don't deserve this. You deserve better. You should be in a place where you are treated right, were you can be happy." Cyan said as a tear rolled down his face.

"Are you saying...?” Aqua trailed off. Cyan nodded his head.

"Wait till your brothers asleep. I'll stay awake till you leave."

"Thank you daddy." Aqua said as she threw her arms around her father. "I'll come back for you soon as I can."

"I know you will baby girl, I know you will."

  It was late by the time Crimson went to sleep. Aqua already took his extra set of keys before he got home. Aqua hugged her dad as she left. Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things she ever did. Somewhere deep down inside, she knew she would see him again.

  Getting past the guards at the entrance of Captain Pink place was easy. Aqua told him that she had been out all day and everyone at her house was asleep. She couldn't seem to get in the house because she left her keys here. They let her right in. Getting the girl to shut up and leave with her, not so much.

"Where are you taking me?!?!" The girl demanded in a loud voice. Aqua covered her hand over the girl's mouth.

"My name is Aqua Sienna Black. I am leaving Colorway Village and if you keep your mouth shut and don't wake anyone up, I would like you to come with me." Aqua rushed in a hushed voice. The girl nodded as Aqua took her hand off the girl's mouth.

"How do I know you're not lying to me?" The girl shot at her a little more quiet.

"Do I look like I could take you down?" Aqua questioned. the girl shook her head in disagreement. "Exactly, I guess you'll just have to trust me then. If you don't, then step back in the cell, and I’ll lock it for you." The girl stood there as if she was actually thinking about staying, but then held out her and said,

"Thank you. My name's Leaf by the way." Aqua took leaf's hand and shook it.

"Okay," Aqua sighed. "Ready to run away?" Leaf laughed nervously,

"You have no idea."

  Aqua and Leaf snuck out the back door in the dungeon. You had to have a key for it, though. Lucky Aqua took all of her brother's spare keys. They traveled for a good five hours. The Coral Troops have came by them a few times. They would hide behind a tree whenever they heard something. They had a few close calls, but they haven't been caught yet. By the time Aqua and Leaf stopped to rest, it was dawn.

"We can stop here for a quick rest. We'll have to sleep in the trees though, incase if the Coral Troops come by here." Aqua said as she stifled a yawn.

"The Coral Troops?" Leaf questioned.

"They're the people that captured you. The two people you were yelling at in the dungeon yesterday, they're the Captain and Co-Captain of the Coral Troops."

"What are their names?"

"The Captain is the one who had brown hair and yellow eyes. His name is Moccasin Fuchsia Pink. The o-"Leaf erupted in giggles.

"How can you be threatening with a name like that?"

"Well, he kills anyone who makes fun of it.....including his own wife." Aqua whispered

"Wait, he killed his own wife because she made fun of his name?" Leaf stopped giggling and was now flabbergasted.

"Not exactly, he killed his wife because she was friends with a prisoner, who was being held captive because she made fun of his name. When they Captured the women, they took her children too. One of the kids was, in Moccasin's eyes, perfect. The other, not so much.

"Moccasin's wife was one of the few nice people in the village. She couldn't stand the thought of a child being held prisoner for a mother's actions. She tried to release the child, when Moccasin came down. He yelled at her demanding what she was doing. Then his wife told him that she was setting the mother child free because it was cruel to sentence someone to death because they made fun of their stupid last name. He was mad that she called the last name stupid and that she tried to let them go, so he killed her along with the child’s mother." Aqua replied.

  Leaf was quiet for awhile. She was so quiet, Aqua thought she fell asleep. Aqua looked to the upper right of the tree, where leaf was leaning on some branches that formed a little chair. She wasn't asleep though, but if you looked into her big swampy green eyes, you could tell she was thinking hard. After a few more minutes, Leaf spoke up.

"Why are you helping me? The second the Coral Troops find you, they'll kill you. Why waste your life on me?" Leaf asked as she pushed her thick brunette hair over her shoulder.

"I'm not only doing this for you. I wanted to leave Colorway Village. I don't care where I end up; I don't care if I die! Anywhere is better than there." Aqua spat the words out like they were poison.

"I know why I feel that way, but why do you?" Leaf asked looking a bit puzzled.

"When I was little, I thought Colorway Village was the safest place on earth. Of course I was naive, and I didn't realize this till Moccasin killed my mother." Leaf gasped but Aqua didn't stop. "The story I just told you, about Moccasin killing his wife, I was the child. I've been a slave to him ever since he killed my mother and his wife. It's prison there." Aqua picked off a piece of tree bark, chucked it at the ground, and sighed. "I'm sick of being locked up, and I’m sick of people telling me what to do and who to be. I just want to be free. Then I saw you and I thought, this is my chance, now or never."

  Leaf was beginning to realize how much she and Aqua are alike. Leaf's life was never bad in Windy Village. She only left because she was mad she didn't get her way. She only expected to be gone for two hours at most, but then she got lost. Fear started to rise up and before she knew it, she was captured. People were telling her what to do, who to be.

  That was only for a few hours though, and then Aqua saved her. Leaf couldn't imagination how Aqua dealt with it for ten years. Aqua was an angel with a strong heart and a brave soul. Leaf would never be able to be like her.

"We should probably get some rest." Aqua suggested as she curled up on her tree branch. Leaf did the same and slowly drifted off to sleep.



Aqua shook Leaf vigorously. "Leaf!" Aqua hissed. "You have to get up! They found us! The Coral Troops found us!"

Leaf shot up. "What?!" Leaf's heart started pounding. "Are you sure?"

"Look down." Aqua whispered. Leaf looked down. Through all the branches and leaves, she could make out figures, Coral Troops. Worst of all, they could see her too.

"Oh my god!" Leaf gasped. "What do we do?"

"You are going to climb up to the top of the tree, then jump to the tree on your right. It's the closest. I am going to go down there and distract them so you can get away." Aqua said as she started to climb down.

"Wait!" Leaf hissed and Aqua froze with one foot on the branch below and the other dangling in the air. "I can't do this Aqua, I'm t-" Aqua's screams cut leaf off. She went out of sight in a second. Leaf looked down to see where Aqua was, but when she spotted Aqua, she wasn't alone.

  The first thing that Leaf saw was Aqua's auburn hair spread out over a guys shoulder. She has seen this person before. He was the Co-Captain of the Coral Troops. He was sitting on a few branches below her. He must have yanked on Aqua's leg causing her to fall. The guy looked up at her. His red eyes full of hate.

He looked up at Leaf, smirked, and said, "You're next."

  Leaf screamed and started climbing up to the top of the tree. When she got to the top, she took a big branch and snapped it in half. The she lifted it with both hands and heaved it over to the next tree.

  Leaf was hoping that if the Coral Troops heard this, they would think the branch was her, and start climbing the other tree. Luckily the Coral Troops didn't have much brain, so they fell for it.

"Over There!" One of the Troopers shouted. "She jumped into this tree." As the rest of the Coral Troops started to invade the next tree, Leaf climbed down a bit to see if she could see Aqua.

  Aqua wasn’t unconscious anymore. The Co-Captain took her out of the tree to. He was holding her over his shoulder as he spoke. Leaf couldn't Make out what he was saying; he was to out of range. All she could do was watch as she slowly climbed down the tree trying to be as quiet as possible.

When Leaf got toward the middle of the tree, she could make out what he was saying.

"Hey there sis, good to see you're coming around" Crimson said with a smirk on his face. Leaf looked down in disbelief; Aqua never mentioned anything about the Co-Captain being her brother. Maybe this was all a trap. Leaf thought.

"Crimson," Aqua said weakly, she was hurt from the fall.

"I don't know what's wrong with you Aqua," Crimson said as he laid his sister on the ground and stroked her hair. "I don't know why you did this, but I promise you, I'm going to get you out of this mess."

  Crimson reached down and kissed his sister on her forehead. Then he stood up and took the sword out of his belt. He wouldn't Leaf thought. Not to his own sister.

Crimson raised the sword over his head and Leaf realized he wasn't playing games. Leaf had to stop him, so did it the only way she knew how.

"NOOOO!" Leaf screamed at the top of her lunges. Crimson's head shot up in the Direction of Leaf. When he spotted her he shouted.

"She what you caused?! This is your entire fault." Leaf started to climb down the tree fast as she could, but something stopped her. She looked into Aqua's eyes. They weren't sparkling anymore. They were full of pain and sadness. Aqua looked up at leaf and mouthed.

I'm sorry Leaf...Tell him I love him. Ten Crimson's sword came down and went right through her throat. Aqua flinched as she gasped out in pain, but it didn't last long. Aqua was already gone.

  Crimson stood there, shocked at what he had done. He had just killed his sister. The same person who was once upon a time his best friend, his only friend. Crimson was so disgusted with himself that he fled.

  By the time leaf got on the ground, Crimson was gone, the Coral Troops left. Leaf ran up to Aqua and put her head on her lap.

"Aqua?" Leaf's swampy green eyes began to fill with tears. "Come on Aqua, please don't leave me. You're so nice, you don't deserve to die." Leaf was sobbing. She knew that Aqua wasn't coming back.

"I'm sorry Aqua, I'm so sorry." Leaf sobbed as she sat on the ground. He once beautiful green dress that went down to her knees was now torn and covered in dirt.

There was no more laughing, no more stories, no more friendship.... now it was just Leaf.



  Four hours later, Leaf arrived back at Windy Village. The first thing she did was go to the Water Troops. Leaf told them about the Coral Troops and about Aqua. She told them where they could find Aqua and they arranged to bring her back to her father.

  The Water Troops left early the next morning. Leaf gave them a letter to give to Aqua's father. When the water troops arrived at Colorway Village everyone was asleep. They woke up Mr. Black gave him the note and his Daughter.

   The tall man stood at the edge of the porch. His silver eyes, warn, hurt, and confuse, were looking up at the miserable, cloudy, grey, sky. How had this happened? He wondered. Cyan Black always thought he raised his children right. Never once, had he thought that one of his children would harm the other. Never once had he thought he would be standing here, before his child's dead, empty, body...

  Cyan Black cried for the remainder of the night. When dawn broke, everyone in the Village saw his daughter's body, lying on a bed of leaves in the front yard. Not one person said, I'm sorry for your loss. That's because not one person cared about his loss. His daughter was a trader in their eyes.

Cyan Black unfolded the note that the Water Troops gave him and read it.

Dear Mr. Black,

My name is Leaf Oakland. Your daughter saved my life. I ran away from home because my mom grounded me when I didn't come home in time for dinner. I thought it was unfair, so I left. I never intended on all of this happening. I was only going to leave for two hours at most, but then I got lost in the woods. The Coral Troops Captured me. I thought that was the end for me. That was until your daughter Aqua, saved me.

Aqua is the kindest, strong hearted, bravest person I know. I haven't known her for a long time, but she is worth knowing. Mr. Black I am very sorry for your loss. I can tell you that it is my fault. Aqua was trying to save me when your son killed her. Before Aqua died she told me to tell you that she's sorry and she loves you. Your daughter shouldn't be forgotten Mr. Black. Someone that kind has to be remembered. You did a great job raising her.

Sorry I couldn't save her,

Leaf Oakland

  Cyan Black looked down at his daughter and smiled. She died doing what her thought was right. It took eighteen years, but it finally happened. Aqua Sienna Black was finally free of the rules and hateful demands. Aqua Sienna Black finally Escaped from Colorway Village.


© 2011 Julie Beth

Author's Note

Julie Beth
so this was for my english common task. i haven't written a story in forever so tell me what you think.

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I know I already reviewed this when you first wrote it, but I was just reading it again and had to tell you that I loved it!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This was absolutely terrific! It would be awesome if you made this into a book besides a short story. Great work Julie!

Posted 11 Years Ago

i loved it! just a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes. other than that, awesome job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

That was so good. So much suspense and a great write. Totally cool.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Amazing write.
I hope you got like, an A on that. Because that was amazing.
I haven't read something so touching in forever, and this did the trick for me.
I love it, Julie.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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A Story by Julie Beth

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