A Dragon Attack

A Dragon Attack

A Story by Juls

A story of a young warrior fighting to protect her land. Yeah, I know, it's really tacky, but I have never done something like this. Sooo, enjoy :'D I'm going to make a second part :'D

Her silver staff was now splattered with dirt and blood. Her green eyes, though covered with grime and disgust remained determined and ardent. Her metal corset and tribal tattoos were the only things protecting her from the raid of dragons approaching. She wore a crown, a mix of tusks and flowers and straw. How mighty she looked, even more than a man. Her beauty and grace remained alongside her masculinity and warrior appearance.

Her pale white dragon, more loyal than any other animal in Serilude, gave the same determined glare she did. She was the finest dragon tamer in Serilude, and it showed, for this dragon stayed so close, wrapping and coiling itself around it's faithful owner.

The stampede of great creatures became audible. Families screamed, running from huts and climbing on their dragons. The poor grabbed horses and galloped away.

"Slesya! Come now, or you will die!" Mother screamed in my ear. I had been standing and staring at the queen. I saw her lips move, they mouthed my name. Was she talking to me? Slowly, my conscience returned and I looked up at Mother.

"I want to fight, Mother!" I yelled, the sound of wings and screeches was even higher now.

"No Slesya! Do not argue with me now! This is a matter of life or death! You cannot fight! You are not queen! Now run! Run!" She was crying and pushing my shoulder, but she was in such a state of hysteria it didn't make me budge.

I hadn't told her that I received a warrior's tattoo at training. I was gifted it early because I was succeeding so quickly. Hellia, my instructor, gave me the honor nearly two days ago; I was going to inform my parents this evening, instead, a raid of dragons from Thrafgard surprised us.

"I can fight, Mother! I am of age and received my tattoo two days ago!" I looked up, so assured that would sway her into my allowance, but she seemed to be even more stressed. She looked to the right and there, my brother Jedrit was looking up at a mass of scales and fire. Mother ran to him and scooped him up. In a matter of seconds, she whistled and our dragon, Croft, appeared and took flight, disappearing into a fog of grey matter and blood.

This was always Mother's way of answering me, she was always too upset with herself when she admitted something, or when she let me do something she was scared of. I grinned and turned around, which caused my smile to fall off my face just as quickly as it arrived.

Above me was a spectrum of dragons. They were miles high and were preparing fire in their saliva. These were nothing like the dragons of Serilude. They had fangs that went so far down, they passed their bottom lips. Their eyes were red with black outlines and they had larger scales that glinted black. I was staring death in the face...and it felt spectacular.

I turned to look at the queen. She was still standing on one leg, holding her staff and staring at the dragons above her. Their were armies of warriors behind her, armed and ready with staffs of their own. I ran and joined them, following my finger down my tattoo. As I did, a luxurious golden staff appeared at my fingertips. I smiled for a moment, then snapped into place by the roar of dragons.

They stopped and every dragon bowed down in unison, a gesture of, May the best man win. The queen and her dragon bowed in reply, so beautiful together they were. Her green eyes closed and her dark brown hair entangled in her crown lowered steady and slow. At the same time her white dragon, Ramadon, closed his eyes and arched his back, lowering his head behind his front claw. The dainty beauty in the two made my eyes water.

When their heads rose, a silence broke between the yellow and black mist on the hill between us and the dragons. I knew our strategy of war, for I had studied it every day. Our queen will break the calmness in the air with a flick of her hand...and war would begin.

I watched the queen raise her arm in the air and she made a quick movement. All the yellow air rose and pulled the dragons backwards. Their stomachs went in the other direction as if a ball had slammed into their chests. Their heads, red and fearful, screeched in a high pitch, deafening us. We covered our ears with our hands, but it still caused my head to ring. After the major hit was over, we looked at what the queen had done.

Scaly bellies were facing the sky and the screeching continued. Everyone knew that was not a sound of surrender, but rather a sound of disturbance. One of the dragons on the right side of the hill craned itself up and looked down on us with rage. He sucked back and blew a pocket of fire from his mouth. With that, the other dragons followed.

A general in the front of us raised his hand forward, and everyone charged. I screamed and ran into the mayhem with anger and fear driving me forward. There was fire spitting and people being thrown about the air. The queen was slow and steady with her movements and stayed behind, for she had to conserve energy for more magic. Claws were scratching me and I saw a leg of one of the dragons and I charged. When I passed the blood and fire I pressed the circular piece on my tattoo and dust flickered in front of me, turning into a sword. I lifted it with a snarl on my face and as I was throwing it down at the dragon in fury, I felt a burning sensation form on the bottom of my leg. A dragon close by had flamed me, and I yelped in pain.

I dropped the sword and stammered, feeling dizzy and in such a state of agony, all I could think about was relief. I must have relief. A sword from a soldier nicked me in the shoulder and I began to bleed, I continued to scream.

Then I saw a dragon, but it was blue, and it shined, unlike the dullness of the others. It reminded me of the mermaids I had seen when I visited Niltude. It looked down on me in a pitying way, and I mouthed the word, please. It came down and violently pinned down the dragon that had sprayed me with fire. By it's appearance, I expected gentleness out of the creature, but there I was, watching this beast tear the flesh from our enemies. I was suddenly scared of that dragon.

As the both of them attacked, I began to fall to the ground, closing my eyes. Then all I could see was black... and I thought nothing.

© 2012 Juls

Author's Note

Ignore grammar, focus on character development and story structure. :'D

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Added on May 30, 2012
Last Updated on July 12, 2012
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