Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Molly



I was jarred out of hyper-sleep when a gigantic crash overtook my ship. My eyes popped open to see rapidly blinking lights of the shuttle as it prepared for impact. It was hard to miss the ground that was coming straight at me from the pilot's quarters.

Without hesitation, I threw myself out of my sleeping module and took over the auto-pilot control and struggled to get control of the ship, but it was no use. The Talonians had made sure that I couldn't override the system.

The ground got closer and closer, the beeping noises of the control panel got faster and more frenzied. Finally I gave up and just dove out of the pilot chair and towards the back of the space craft, hoping to survive the impending crash.

Metal crashed and I tried to use my mind to stop the metal from being crushed but the Talonian's shield was making it impossible to control the shuttle. Everything started glowing a blue-ish color, then flickered out. The ship groaned, and then became still. The smell of burning metal and wires made its way to my senses; but one thing was for sure.

The impact of this new planet made the barrier that was put on this ship go out, but I had no idea where I was. I understood that this planet's light system has made it's descending orbit and will return soon. 

The air seemed to settle and this planet's gravity took over and I heard the tight, air lock sealed door pop out. Tentatively, I stepped outside and found the air breathable, a fog condensing when I breathed out and took in my surroundings.

Tall lines with fuzzy stuff at the top came out of the ground, and the sky was dark, but I could see the stars. Something in my chest ached at seeing the only home I knew so far away in the universe. The single star that was light years away, was the only planet that I could call home. Even if I never really saw what was beyond the compound.

I walked around, my bare feet stepping on rocks and pebbles, but I didn't care. The compound had toughened me up to be resilient to anything to the point where I felt no physical pain. Something seemed to catch the corner of my eye and I turned my head to look at a live beast.

It was strange, seeing another life form on this planet, someone with a heart beating. Even on the home planet, I never really saw any Talonians.

The strange animal had four long legs, a round body and head with large, glassy, black eyes. It's ears twitched in different directions as it looked at me, then it stiffened as a ray of light seemed to catch it's attention.

Something loud came to my ears and I looked to see two large beams of light coming closer and closer really fast. Fear and adrenaline seized me as I darted out of the way, but the animal wasn't so lucky.

The roaring light beast seemed to overtake the animal and I watched as they collided in horror. I would never forget the terror in those large, glassy eyes as it's life passed before my very eyes. I had to look up at the sky to not look at the gruesome sight.

A single question rang in my head as I gazed up at the stars: Why did you send me away?

© 2013 Molly

Author's Note

All the chapters are relatively short and don't have much description in them. I plan on fixing that some day so just roll with me here

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I like the description of the shuttle careening toward earth. If I was in her situation and saw the car hit the animal, I would view it as an extreme act of violence that was done intentionally. This would add to the confusion and lack of understanding human nature.

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Ah... I'm Molly. The weird, awkward hermit that doesn't like people... Yep. That's me... Alright, I'll be honest... I love Owl City (they are my heart and soul) along with the actual owls :3 Mus.. more..

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