Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Molly


What the hell was she talking about? It was just Dr. Pepper! Why would we try to poison her? Poppy must come from a really weird place.

"Listen, we weren't trying to poison you! It's just soda." Cain said rather incredulously. He looked upset that she would even consider us poisoning her. 

She had an icy cold look in her eyes as she spat out "Then why would you give me that liquid? It was very obviously poison from the way it bubbled and burned my mouth!!" John looked at me as if asking me to explain what she was talking about.

"Hun, that's what soda does. It's carbonated so it bubbles and seems like it's burning the inside of your mouth at first, but you quickly get used to it. I promise it's not poison." I try and convince her. She looks skeptical and disbelieving but then her eyes got softer and she said in a voice just above a whisper-

"I believe you Ben. I am sorry for doubting all of your intentions. I know you meant me no harm." Looking extremely relieved, Liam decided to speak up. 

"So, Poppy, what do you say to going out for a bite to eat with me?" Wow. This doesn't surprise me though, Liam has always been pretty blunt.

Looking slightly confused, Poppy replied, "With you alone? There won't be any other people?"

He smirked and nodded his head.

"Then I must say no. Heather Watson told me I mustn't go anywhere alone with you or a boy named Bruce." At that Liam looked dumbfounded and the rest of us cracked up.

I don't know what compelled me to say it, but I asked, "What about me then? We can go somewhere for dinner together." Now all of the guys were looking at me with a mixture of confusion and awe. I haven't asked a girl out since Angel... Damn it. No more thinking about her right now. The bell rang signalling the end of lunch and Poppy smiled and nodded her head showing her approval.

Liam let out a low whistle and slapped me on my back as he walked out of the cafeteria. 

"Good job man. I hope this turns out better than.. Well you know.." He muttered to me. I'm glad he's not mad at me for taking her, but it's time I moved on.

"Ben?" Her voice called to me.

"Yes?" I said. 

"I'm glad you're my new friend. Can we walk to study hall together?" 


Is that why she thought I asked her out? Oh well. I can do friends, at least for now. I simply nodded my head yes and we walked to our next class.


Poppy and I spent the rest of the day talking in the classes we had together and getting to know each other better, or at least she got to know me better. I found out she didn't really like talking about herself and when I posed a question towards her family life she got extremely uncomfortable and wouldn't look me in the eye until the subject changed. 

This made me extremely curious. 

You know the saying curiosity  killed the cat? Well I'm the cat and somehow I felt like if I did end up learning whatever it is she doesn't want to tell me, it wouldn't exactly be good for me...

"Ben?" I heard a soft voice say. I looked at Poppy  questioningly asking her with my eyes to tell me what was on her mind.

"The bell releasing us to go to our homes just rang. Are we going out to eat now?" she said.

"Of course! Lemme just grab my junk and we'll head out." At that he got her confused look again and I knew by now she didn't understand the terms I was using.

"By junk I mean my things." Poppy's facial expression immediately cleared and after gathering my stuff we headed out to my car.

We kept up some polite chit chat as we walked and she seemed completely unperturbed by anything, Poppy was calm and relaxed. That was the opposite of how I felt. 

Not only was I going out with a girl for the first time since her (even if she just thought it was an outing between friends), everyone was staring at us. I don't blame them though. The gorgeous new girl was hanging out with me, Benjamin, the nerdy kid. Yeah, this was definitely a sight to behold.

© 2013 Molly

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Ah... I'm Molly. The weird, awkward hermit that doesn't like people... Yep. That's me... Alright, I'll be honest... I love Owl City (they are my heart and soul) along with the actual owls :3 Mus.. more..

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