Silent Girl.

Silent Girl.

A Chapter by Prabha Salimath

The only girl I have seen like her in all my life.

This friend who I'm telling about is a very silent girl I've ever seen in my life. Yes if you see her I'm surr you would like shut your mouth and surrender to silence. We are friends from our high school grade. Till today we are in contact. She is a Govt employee she be busy still she calls whenever she feels to talk. Not like I don't call. I chose to text everyone because if I phone to one others feel bad. I don't want anyone to feel bad for me. All are my good friends only.

First I saw her in 2000. One day I was going to tution in the morning, simply I peeked into a home where this silent girl was sat and studying. I had board exam in that year. So I dint pay much attention to know about her. For my goodness next year we joined to a same high school. We have sections for each class I was in A section and she is in B. Everyday I had tried to see her once, but I dint.

I don't know what is that she has got, till today I feel happy whenever she is with me. We don't share anything personal and particular still we both feel for each other. God knows the connection between us.

I had decided not to go tution after board exam. My father forced me to go. He said you may be good yourself but you may get external knowledge because your tutor is good knowledgable. Yes she is good even in books and with me. I went a month later to join.

God is great he made me meet that silent girl. Yes she had joined to my tution only. I was so happy to see her there. From that day we become friends gradually. After a year I feel bad for her once in my life, because she ignored me for a haughty girl who is from my old school. That was last we dint fight for that. I just slip it go because I dint want to fight.

She is beautiful I should say her Krishna Sundari. She is dark not fully but she has a very attractive face with good smile. She is a basket ball player, she has very good height too. Most important thing about her is she is silent. The proverb, "MATU BELLI MOUNA BANGARA" suits her best. The proverb means talk is silver and silence is more precious like gold.

Her silence is precious property of her as I always feel about her. Yes she has that patience if anyone disturbs her while she was studying she kept silence only and never meant to give them back. But all that she does was to start the thing again.

One day we were studying together. After we get certain concept we used to admit it another and discuss about it. My memory was sharp I did fast than her she dint feel loose but constantly work on that and get the concept. This incident taught me to keep patience while studying tuff things. That day I did good fast but that dint satisfy me. The thing satisfied me is her patience to get the thing completely with patience.

The bad thing is three person crossed my life still I can't learn patience 100% but 50% is sure.

© 2014 Prabha Salimath

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Added on August 23, 2014
Last Updated on August 23, 2014
Tags: silence, patience


Prabha Salimath
Prabha Salimath


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