The Oceans Sister Three

The Oceans Sister Three

A Poem by predictablepoets

A fantasy tale about the mysteries of the sea

There were three sisters of the Ocean,
That lived near the Bay.
Sister Gold, Sister Blue,
And Third Sister Gray.
They lived together on the Sea Floor,
In the City of Coral Chimes.
And each visited the world of men,
All at different times.

Sister Gold visited the shores-
When the sunset came to be,
And with her golden locks of hair;
Made sailors feel so free.
She inspired courage and hope-
With her vocal art.
And sang with the birds in the morning light,
Giving fishermen proper start.

Sister Blue came to the beaches-
During the Mid-day,
Dancing with fish, and laughing with mariners,
She met along the way.
Her joyous nature and deep blue eyes-
Inspired men to love,
And made all grateful to live their life,
Under the skies above.

Sister Gray was most exotic,
And only came out at night.
Frightening deck hands as she emerged,
With her mysterious site.
Though just as beautiful as her sisters;
With hair dark as ink,
Forced seafarers to act superstitious,
For fear their ships would sink.

The three sisters kept up their habit,
Of visiting earth's dry shell,
Sister Gold and Sister Blue-
With new tales to tell.
Sister Gray however grew too sad-
By her empty life,
And decided to not visit men;
Who feared her awful strife.

But the other sisters still visited,
So the sun never fell;
Making Swabbies work for days,
As there was no docking bell.
And fish were pulled, and men were haggard
From the relentless day,
But none could refuse to pull the haul
Their nets brought along the way.

Salt Dogs sickened and fish schools thinned,
As the day refused to cease.
And wives prayed for Sister Gray's return,
Along with her quiet peace.
People missed the starry sky-
With its sacred night,
And gave homage to the Dark Mistress,
Begging her to help their plight.

All seemed lost for the people of the bay,
Who mourned their foolish way.
Then one day after Sister Blue,
Came walking Sister Gray.
The cool winds blew and the people slept-
With their families in their arms,
While twilight rains replenished fish,
Rivers and dry farms.

And the sisters continued visiting the shores-
As they did back when,
But it was  Sister Gray who had the most-
New tales to tell of men.
To this day the shore-folk respect-
The cycle meant to be,
And so goes the lesson and important tale-
Of the Ocean Sisters Three.

© 2010 predictablepoets

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I am absolutely blown by this poem!! I haven't yet read very many poems of fantasy that build a story. The flow is great too! :> Just wonderful!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on August 28, 2010
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