State of BEing

State of BEing

A Poem by kaleidoscope Eyes

As I watch the pen dance I can't help but feel,
that these thoughts in my head are intrinsically real.
Every single aspect of all things in existence,
is intertwined with Love I will mirror with persistence.
If you can visualize it best believe it's really there,
cuz these exact images are why we are here.
Out of absolutely nothing came this pure bliss,
and out of absolute darkness came the brightest kiss.
Do you really realize how beautiful you are?
and when you hold yourself you are touching the stars.
Never doubt yourself because the life that you are living,
is the exact reflection of what you have been giving.
Awareness of this knowledge is the exact key,
of allowing yourself to be infinitely happy.
You won't find it in a person, place or thing,
but within the heart's core and your mental findings.
I am height I stay climbing up the latter,
I inhale elevation conscious getting fatter.
I am a Love sorcerer watch me seduce you with my smile,
call me the magician cuz manifesting is my style.
You can create whatever your heart desires,
we have the power within to ignite our own fire.
I stay in the sky cuz it's such a better a view,
and when I look at the sun it's a portrait of you.  
Radiantly blessed to share what I do,
I hope that these words stick to you like glue.
Think it say it go out and BE it,
activate intentions if you wanna see it.
I can only go up looking so fine,
and when I look down I see cloud nine.
I am Love yes living proof you can't question me,
I am your mantra call me manifest destiny.
We are in this together you are never alone,
every second a new beginning you can call it home grown.
I give everything I am and ask for nothing in return,
extinguishing expectations is the lesson to learn.
Every single moment is absolutely necessary,
and every single lesson with me I do carry.
The present moment is home living pure gratification,
hola mi amors yo soy manifestation.  

© 2015 kaleidoscope Eyes

Author's Note

kaleidoscope Eyes
I spell it like I flow it. One Love <3

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Added on April 8, 2015
Last Updated on April 8, 2015