The Sunset Keeper

The Sunset Keeper

A Poem by Cricket Kidd

the dimly lit bulb snaps on
illuminating thousands of dusty boxes
row upon row
each one I know.
lovingly, my fingers trace snail trails
in the grey fluff
gathering in the gloom
I don't often come into this room.
But today is a special occasion.
in a nearly forgotten nook
lies a tiny container
also nearly forgotten, but not quite
and today feels right.
today just feels so right.
outside, the sun
races across the pale blue sky
quickly dipping towards the horizon
and this small box's time has come.
up the stairs, 
out the door
I face the west
And wake a sunset from its rest.
the box opens
with a melancholy sigh,
tinged deep with memories of old
Emerges a figure dressed in red, orange, and gold.
free is the sunset.
laughing with the voices
of children now grown
she flies to the timid night
and the reluctant day
bridging the gap
between dark and light
pulling both into a beautiful dance
of red, blue, orange, purple, white, and black.
the sun slips sullenly away
the moon blushes, climbing higher
stars each put in their say
and so ends another day.
Exhausted, the sunset comes back.
and I, The Keeper of the Sunset,
tuck her back inside her cozy box
where she rests
until next time.

© 2011 Cricket Kidd

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i really like how you created this story. the words, some pretty simple, some more sophisticated ones put together make a good mix and create a lovely and happy mood in this poem. i also like the personification of the sunset. to make it a female person is such a nice thought :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Beautiful! The putting her back in the box, was so unexpected, and yet, so good. I loved it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I wrote a poem for this title, too, although mine's considerably shorter.

"Laughing with the voices of children now grown"... kick-a*s work, my friend. This is a wonderfully descriptive poem. Nicely done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Cricket Kidd

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