Oil Conservation

Oil Conservation

A Chapter by Priya Seht

We're excessively using oil without thinking about ill effects. Conserve it..


he Almighty has bestowed the humans with a wonderful bounty, which is the earth but the humans have misused, overused and exploited this gift to the optimum just to fulfill their selfish needs without even realizing about the detrimental and lethal consequences of their impish acts. Humans were given suffice resources in abundance not only for their subsistence but also for the upliftment of their life. Man had not to even lurk in search of anything. All was ready in the environment. If we go back to the early stages of human life, we will find that all the activities were eco-friendly and there weren’t things like pollution and diseases.

The present scenario is in contrast to the pre-technology world. The world is now merely made up of pollution, diseases and vehicles. In short, we are living in ‘woes’ and miseries. When we hear the word ‘OIL’, we instantaneously think of industries and vehicles. Oil indeed plays a pivotal role in our lives. It is not only a natural resource but much more than that. Vehicles run on fuel, industrial machines and tools work by consuming fuel, which are nothing but various forms of oil. A world without oil perhaps would be a different one and the Earthlings in their weirdest dreams cannot ever think of such a world. With the evolution of time and a boom of technology, the intricate minds created machines, which would run on oil. They were created to help humans but humans misused it, leading to global ecological crises. No doubt the earning capacity of people has increased manifold yet this has led to over utilization of the precious natural resources. It has become a trend of sorts not to move out of our houses without a vehicle which runs on non-renewable resources. Walking small distances or cycling is considered as a mark of low status and so even those who want to save the earth unwillingly adopt these show-off methods just to procure a place in the society. We don’t even want to think a wee about the consequences of reckless use of fuel. Ironically, It seems that if we don’t use vehicles running on fuel we would annoy our ancestors as though they had guided us to harm our environment. We are living in the modern world with cutting edge technologies and high rise buildings yet it has never struck our polluted and ever-busy minds as to what will happen in the near future? What will happen to the next generation? Wasting oil is not only a trend but also a ritual, which is being blindly followed in every nook and corner of the World. From the juvenile minds to silvers, almost every person feels that incase they will cover small distances on foot, their status will come down to that of pauper and people will talk ill about them. True indeed! The society does speak like that but it is only because of the grandiose trend that is spreading and this can rather be called illiteracy.
The day is not far when we will face oil paucity. Till now we have heard of water or electricity paucity but our mistakes will bring out bitter results and why not say bitter ‘fruits’. We will be facing innumerable problems, our environment will be badly damaged and we will then repent. We will then have to switch on to alternatives and perhaps the present world will not be able to adjust with that world because they are just so rigid.
Furthermore, we ought to make oil conservation, which not only means judicious use of oil but also using alternatives, a part of our lifestyle. It should be a part of our routine and habit. There are several ways to conserve oil such as switching off the vehicle engine if it has to stop for more than 15 seconds, walking short distances, using CNGs, travelling by public vehicles, joining Oil Conservation communities and the list ensues. The pendulum-like life of people especially students continues when they are given a long lecture to save oil, water, etc but we must understand that mere lectures and sermons wont do. What we need is a pragmatic approach to reach the apex of success, the success being a better place. The Government must also make stringent laws, which encourage the public to conserve oil.
We have to take the serious matter of Conservation of the precious Oil as our moral and ethical duty because the Earth has given us the birth not so that we degrade it but give a fruitful result to it. Earth is many-a-times referred to as Mother Earth but the present trend seems to pay disrespect to it’s own mother. A query also arises that do we treat our mother as we treat the Earth? Clearly not. It is an imperative need that we mend our ways and start taking small measures from our side because every little drop will make a big ocean. We also need to wake up from our slumber otherwise it would be too late. By saving oil, we will save everyone around and God will surely be exultant if we do such good deeds or ‘karmas’ as they are called.
Conservation of Oil at the individual level will be a small step by human but a huge step for the entire mankind and by saving oil we will keep up the spirit of live and let live.

The actual message that the nature always yells out in despair and which we always fail to listen to and understand due to our negligence ignorance is

What you are is my gift to you and what you return is your gift to me.

© 2010 Priya Seht

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Priya Seht
Save Oil, it's a global responsibility

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Added on December 12, 2010
Last Updated on December 12, 2010
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Priya Seht
Priya Seht

Jammu, Jammu, India

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