Junk Food Ruining Health

Junk Food Ruining Health

A Chapter by Priya Seht

Junk food is trash food and causes lots of health problems for youngsters. Cut on your pizzas,colas and fizzy drinks and feel the difference yourself.

Health is wealth. Nowadays, the people are tarnishing their own health by eating what we now call as junk food. People are stealing wealth from their own hands by eating such foodstuff. Why is the fast food known as junk food? It is because junk = trash = rubbish. We are mingling this trash in our wealth to ruin our health. It is said that healthy mind resides in a healthy body but when the unhealthy body is there, then what? No healthy mind then?
Every person has a fervor of having pizzas, burgers, etc but what about the homemade food? Is it a toxic which when consumed will become lethal? We are least concerned about our health. By eating junk, people get deprived of the nutrients they get from home cooked food. The cold drink, which is being drunk, contains pesticides and experts say, “Cold drinks mean toilet cleaner” and these very cold drinks dissolve calcium and enamel also.
Eating junk food causes many problems like obesity as the food contains innumerable amount of fats along with extra carbohydrates and salts. This even results in problems like High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, anemia and many such detrimental problems. Eating fast food increases the possibility of cardiac problems in children also. The food that the people eat may contain contaminated stuff and many things that they might not be sentient of.
People relish such trash food and forget that they are jeopardizing their health. They trust the chefs preparing such foodstuff without even realizing about the consequences.
At each and every corner of the city, you’ll find youth sitting in hubs and ruining their health by eating all sorts of junk food. They are not even aware as to what type of ingredient has been put in their food.
The T.V. shows also show the ways in which things are cooked in cities and once you see them, you’ll leave fast food forever.
The old people are so vigorous and muscular that one sometimes doubt whether they are old or not. But when you see the condition of youth, you’ll be bemused to see their condition because they are so lazy and lethargic.
The food may be prepared unhygienically.

In the present scenario, we are having this junk food probably because of lack of time but we must understand that by eating such things we are inviting trouble. We must realize that we have the wealth of health in our own hands and can either make it or break it

© 2010 Priya Seht

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Added on December 14, 2010
Last Updated on December 14, 2010


Priya Seht
Priya Seht

Jammu, Jammu, India

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