Addiction to Cell Phones

Addiction to Cell Phones

A Chapter by Priya Seht

Continue to be a mobile addict and invite cell phone elbows.

Recently saw a 5-year-old child handling the iPhone. I was pretty amazed to see such a drastic change of world. Every person be a small one or a 90 year old does own a cell phone. Thanks to technology that we have become addicted to cell phones. Of course they are of great utility but their excessive use has lead to their addiction. I would adhere to the fact that cell phones have disrupted the normal and merry life of people. Seeing the pros, I would say that they help to do many works on a single click and browse through anything and do whatever a person desires. But coming on to the cons, the cell phones are leading to brain tumours and many other problems like Cell phone elbow. Till now we had just heard about Tennis elbow but friends, here’s another one. ‘Cell Phone elbow’ is caused because of the wrong angle at which the elbow is bent when one holds the mobile. This alone is not the problem. Problems like ear ache and hence other serious consequences come along with mobiles, something we are considering our Gods.
Basically cell phones were created with the aim of helping people to overcome the problem of lack of time. The people who really need cells are the working class (doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc) and of course the construction workers to some extent as they can be communicated with ease and called up as per the requirement. But youngsters having cell phones doesn’t make sense. Phones have become a status symbol for them and so they have become phone addicts. Phones have replaced humans in terms of friendship and work also! I guess children when asked about their friends would certainly include their PS’, i-Phones, Surface computers, etc. Every time the cell is ringing and disturbing us. People are being devoid of their sleeps and are becoming insomniac. Their lives are being badly affected.
On one hand they use such gadgets and on the other hand they go to peace and meditation centers; though both are completely opposite to each other. We first misuse a thing and then look for peace. After all, they try to be away from gadgets for some time and experience their minds being calmed down and they understand the meaning of life. If we prevent the excessive use of mobiles, we will realize that life is a wonderful gift wrapped radiantly by the generator, operator and destructor. If thinking all the time about the phone is not addiction, then what is it? If being possessive or obsessed about is not addiction, then what is it? We have become machines and are not thinking about the cons of addiction. I call such a thing addiction because it is like the situation of a person for whom passing a day without his drug is impossible. The person becomes impatient and anxious.

So, the drug, which is governing our lives and has become out master, is the mobile- the root cause of all evil. We have lost sensitivity towards humans but have gained sensitivity towards mobile phones. We are careful that our phone doesn’t get even a small scratch but don’t care of those who suffer millions of scratches every minute and everyday. I would say that from now onwards, the phone is our breath, our life and our saviour.

© 2010 Priya Seht

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great work again.. this cell phone elbow thing is really nice.. never heard of it
keep writing!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 14, 2010
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Priya Seht
Priya Seht

Jammu, Jammu, India

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