Smoke Thrills but Kills

Smoke Thrills but Kills

A Chapter by Priya Seht

Smoking is very injurious to health. Cancer is the direct consequence of this. Puffers are not only harming themselves but others too.


The age old dictum rightly goes "Smoke thrills but kills." Indeed, smoking is lethal to health both to the puffer and the passive smoker.Youngsters smoke with the urge to follow their peers, relieving themselves from tension as we're all living in a very stressful world and they also do so to try something thrilling. In their quest to fulfill their urge, the puffers do not realize that they are not only putting their life in danger but also the life of others at stake. Smoking is not only addictive but also a clear cut self harming tool! 

Speaking of human health, cigarettes and other smoking devices contain tobacco and cause much irreparable loss to lungs and throat. It causes cancer and other ailments. The life-span of puffers is much shorter as compared to that of others.

Statistics suggest that smoking kills around 1,14,000 people in the UK each year.

Cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemical compounds and at least 400 toxic substances. When one inhales, a cigarette burns at 700°C at the tip and around 60°C in the core. This heat breaks down the tobacco to produce various toxins.

 Moving on to the environment side, smoke causes pollution because of the harmful toxins emitted in the otherwise clean air. People should quit smoking as soon as possible. It's high time when they learn self control and lead a better life. There are even techniques of coming out of this through self help programmes, psychiatrists,etc. Incase a person has to smoke, then he must go in for harmless cigarettes which are developed for highly addicted people.
I hope that by reading this small piece, atleast 1 person quits smoking. I would get a real sense of accomplishment then. Let's become aware and spread awareness. Let us also pledge to never smoke in our lives and to try out best to stop others from doing so.

 If not for your sake, then please, for the sake of your mothers, children, wives,etc, quit smoking. Save the lives of others and yourself for a better, healthy and a wonderful life.


© 2011 Priya Seht

Author's Note

Priya Seht
I hope that atleast one person quits smoking after reading this......
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Added on March 8, 2011
Last Updated on March 17, 2011
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Priya Seht
Priya Seht

Jammu, Jammu, India

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