side effects

side effects

A Poem by priyabrata

once in my dream 
i saw a clown 
with a red hat and dressed in brown 
he talked to me 
about our world 
its progress and its side effects too 
                                   we reached to the moon 
                                    and celebrated it like we are god 
                                    but we could not reach 
                                    to the people who die due to hunger 
                                    and always pray to the lord 
we build big towers
to live with luxury 
but we forget about those 
who live homeless and  
praying its to be an end 
                                    we invented internet 
                                     and connect to every corner 
                                     we thought its a bless 
                                       but we cant know 
                                      who die orphan, they are kids 
                                      they are innocent kids 
clown said finally 
i create humans 
they create religions 
 i taught them brotherhood 
but they learned violence 
i gave them helping hands 
but they adopted the selfishness 
                                  these are the final words of the clown 
                                  he said     i gave you 
                                  the medicine of love 
                                  but i didn't know its side effects 
                                  what if i am the god 
                                   even i cry too,i cry too             

© 2013 priyabrata

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Added on March 6, 2013
Last Updated on March 6, 2013



chennai, tamilnadu, India

i believe that everything happens for a reason.and we ought to help each other in order to be a good reason.i always wanted to be a writer.but i lost my precious six years chasing unwillingly to beco.. more..