Someone's Gonna Need A Grave

Someone's Gonna Need A Grave

A Poem by Prossnip42

A poem About Revenge

I can never be timid
Start to the finish
Even through the blemishes, my heart is replenished
Violent images was somethin' in store
It's kinda heavy, holding steady
I'm ready for war
The confetti, a party time
I'm sorry, I apologized
It's obvious you ignored the truth
Just to acknowledge lies
And honestly this is a promise not a threat
So you better watch your comments
While your conscience is left
Forget the politics, the dollars in your wallet
Just know I'm coming home for everyone I have a problem with
Don't look astonished cause you knew that it was coming
You lookin' at me dumb
I suggest you start running
You can increase your pace
But I'm just chasin' you down
Losing patience, you blatantly choose breakin' the vows
Tomorrow isn't promised, and that's even if you live today
Watch what you say or someone's gonna need a grave

Look, I really can't pretend this time, I'm sorry Lord
But this time revenge is mine
So be afraid, because this is the big payback
For your charades, and every game you played
I can't believe you took my kindness for weakness
I've been gone for years but fear has got you speechless
So rest in peace, you're about to receive a secret
Your family is looking for authorities to speak with
You need luck cause right now life's lease is up
So keep it up, I'll be behind you creepin' up
The disconnect between us comes from disrespect
You better listen or your family will be missing next

Oh Lord here I come, I'm just holding on
A bullet is on its way
Tell the world I'm coming home
Someone's gonna need a grave

© 2020 Prossnip42

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Added on February 15, 2020
Last Updated on February 15, 2020
Tags: Revenge, Murder, Guns, Gun, Grudge