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Sometimes i wish i could turn back time... impossible as it may seem -quit playing games backstreet boys



There she is walking away into the horizon, and here I stand watching.

It doesn’t usually rain in November, and this probably makes those times it does, hard to forget.

Last year, too it rained in November. I sat by the window of the cafe down the road.


 I’ve spent many many hours in here, but never has it seemed to be such a special place before today. And never before this have I, who am usually always late, ever found myself waiting. Twenty minutes. “She’s not coming, just leave.” “Hang on, she’ll be here soon...”

And there she walked in. The place suddenly smelt like fresh flowers.

Riya: Hi! Have you been waiting for long?

“No not at all, I just got here.”

Riya: Oh! that’s  good, I was worried you’d have left.

She was so beautiful. All these years we’d been studying in neighbouring classes, how on earth had i not noticed her before?!

“Of course i wouldn’t have left. Not today ;)”

Riya: Haha, something special...?

(Hell yea!  Someone special).

Why couldn’t I think of something to say? After minutes of awkward silence

“I’ll go get some coffee, we’ve been here a while, with nothing to show on my bill!”

(So, get me a frappe and an iced cappuccino... and make it as slow as you can)

“You are looking pretty in that dress”

Riya: It took you so long to notice that?!

“Hey, it took me until three years after school, to even figure out that you existed. I’m getting quicker”

Riya: Yea strange isn’t it. We studied together all those years, without even noticed each other.

“Yeah, but hello... over the last week or so, it seems like I’ve known you forever.”

Riya: Now ;) does it really seem like that?

(Did I imagine the wink... no it was real, only for a fleeting moment, but it sure was real.)

She’d been sending mixed signals all week. Right from the first time we spoke at the school reunion. I’d fallen for the cute girl in blue the moment I saw her. And since that moment, my mind started playing tricks on me.

One moment I was sure there was a spark. The next instant, I convinced myself it was my imagination.

Riya: Hello! Where are you lost.

“Who me?”

Riya: No I was talking to the poster hanging above you :P... You carry on day dreaming... i wont disturb you”


Riya: Well you know what, let’s just stop talking stupid stuff, and why don’t you tell me why you wanted to meet me today.

“Just! No reason.”

Riya: Is it? You haven’t been telling all your friends how pretty you find me?

“God! Who told you that?”

Riya: Haha! Aren’t you glad I know?


Riya:  And about how you tried to identify the fragrance I use at Shoppers’ Stop, and that T-shirt you’ve bought and I haven’t got yet.

“I’ll kill the b*****d”

Riya: I wouldn’t want you to do that. Ten minutes from now you wouldn’t want to either

Riya: Tell you what I kind of fancy you, and would love to be your girlfriend! Are you going to ask me out now?

“What?! You really do like me!”

Riya: Well could what I have just said have any other meaning?

“You li.. m... am id”

“Ouch! Ok I’m awake for sure... you pinch hard!!!”

Riya: Haven’t you noticed already?

“Well you sent mixed signals”

Riya: I was trying to make it as obvious as possible!

“Well...I thought i liked you too... just...”

Riya: So Mr. Engineer what were you waiting for? Mathematical proof?

“ Umm no... i just wasn’t so sure”

Riya: Are you going to ask me out or not?




We sat there for I don’t know how long, but if her dad hadn’t called her up, we’d have been there for much longer.

(“ Sir hope you enjoyed your coffee!”  “dude that was the best coffee I’ve NOT even tasted! ; )!” )

As we left the cafe, it began to rain.

“It doesn’t usually rain in November.”

Riya: We don’t start going out every November.

I kissed her for the first time.

Riya: Now thats what i call a wet kiss

“ God! Riya I love how funny you are”

Riya: Bye! I’ll call you.

I watched her walk away into the sunset.

I was overwhelmed. But my heart seemed void of all emotion, except an innocent happiness. The rain was pouring now and I began walking home. There was a cheer in every step, a song in every breath.




The cold piercing raindrops snatch me back to my senses, rather rudely.

It’s never easy to tell someone, it is over. Even if it has been coming for a while, and you’d really much rather be sitting in your room getting bored than spend time with the girl your with. It still is very hard.

Riya: Have you been waiting long? I’m so sorry!

“ I’ve waited longer than this, its fine.”

Riya: Will you stop snapping at me? It’s the last time we’re meeting as WE.

“I’m glad”

(whether I really was glad, i wasn’t sure!)

Riya: It didn’t have to be this way. I kept telling you.

“I’m getting myself a coffee, what would u want?”

(2 cappuccinos make it quick and bitter.)

Riya: I’d prefer this to be a sweet memory, and not a horrible nightmare.

I did not know what I wanted. I’d been wanting my way out for a while now and so did she and we knew it... but the fact that she wasn’t going to be around sank in for the first time. And now that we met to call it quits, I really did not want it to happen.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Riya: I tried telling you this, you never pay attention. Even now you are not listening sweetheart.

“We can start over”

Riya: Yeah we have to. I’m sure I’ll find someone better

(sucker punch girl... i swear i hate you)

“ That’s selfish... I don’t think there’s going to be a new girl at the school reunion again.”

Riya: You should’ve thought about it before you said there are loads out there better than me- every time you said u wanted to be out of it. Now you are.

“There are. But i wouldn’t want to make the exchange.”

(They are better... but they are not you... they can’t ever be)

Riya: My coffee is done. I have to go.

“But I really liked you”

Riya: Yea i’m sure you did. But i loved you. Loved.  D. Past. Its over.

“You loved me.”

Riya: Mr. Engineer you are always slow to notice. Too late this time.

She walked out. I wanted to stop her. I was torn. Between want I wanted until 2 hours back, and what when i finally had it.

I wanted to say “one last kiss!”

But by then she had turned away. Probably the right way.

I was overwhelmed. The rain was pouring now and I just stood. I was free finally. The rain was  draining me of all understanding of all emotion. It filled me with emptiness. I’d never been in love, not before this and right now I realised I was in love.

There she is walking away into the horizon.

It doesn’t usually rain in November, and this probably makes those times it does, hard to forget.

I watched her walk away into the sunset. My sunset.


© 2008 pseudonym_7

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oh this is interesting indeed, and i don't use the word interesting for the sake of it.
first i thought it was going to be a happily ever after entry for the fact that theya re much easier to construct but you've given some good turn here without dwelling much in to the causes and reasons behind and giving a hint in the convo between the two, you bring things out. i liked that.
wonderful read indeed.

Posted 13 Years Ago

aw wow that was cool! heh i have a memory of leaving someone in the rain too so that hit a soft spot ;) that was cool, the way you wrote it with different dialogue patterns and whatnot ^-^ hope to see more of ur writing

Posted 13 Years Ago

Nice story.
I'm sure quite alot of us guys out there could relate to that...
I for one, can.
The writing style reminds me of some RolePlays I used to do.
Keep it up!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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pseudonym... doesn't that name suggest desire for seceracy! ;) more..