Anisha Avenged

Anisha Avenged

A Story by pseudonym_7

Sometimes your curse can be your most potent weapon



Oh God! My sister’s being murdered... don’t take her away from me God, please don’t...

Shaini  Aly woke up with a start.  Her sleep was yet again disturbed by the last words of her sister Anisha, “ Anuj is chasing me down. He’s going to kill me. I don’t want to die...!” These words had frequented her sleep over the last three months since that fateful evening. Each time as if her sister was calling to her from beyond the boundary she was transcending  as she spoke these words, reminding her of the promise Shaini had made to  her when her soul was going across the veil. “I’m going to get that b*****d. He won’t live.”


Now that she had been rudely shaken out of bed, there was no getting back to sleep. She wondered what to do. She walked to the fridge and pulled out a carton of orange juice, 'Anisha’s favourite', she remembered. She poured some in her glass and sat on the table all alone. The only other chair’s occupant was a cheerful soul who had long departed.  Their parents had died in a plane crash a few years back which Shaini was now absolutely alone in this world, no other person had the same blood running in them. And never would it be possible now.


Even though she had woken up so unnaturally, and was groggy and her hair was a mess, one could not help but notice the beauty of the woman. A strong woman few months shy of thirth, she had brown wavy hair, black eyes like a doe’s and a one dimpled smile which her friends said would put Preity Zinta to the number two position.  Standing little more than five and a half feet and fifty kilos to her frame, almost all of it at the right places this lawyer had the curves to stump most men at her gym, and a few women too. A cruel joke God had made her life. If you did not know her well enough, you would never know her pain. All pain hidden behind her ever present smile.


February had become March somewhere between the time she slept and the time her sister woke her up. At sunrise she began working. It was the big day. Her sister’s case was going to be up for hearing. Anuj Rane better be enjoying his breakfast. It will probably be his last.

She had gone through her papers over and over. She had a strong case. In fact so strong that all the money Mr. Rane spent on his lawyers would not save him. Not that money mattered to him. He wouldn’t need it where she planned to send him anyway. Hell.

Mr. Rane was a well connected man who worked along with some of the most corrupt politicians of Bombay. He was enjoying his breakfast no doubt. But not because it was going to be his last, but because today evening he would come home with a new woman. A fiery lawyer that everyone at the courts was talking always talking about. He had already made his plans for his new ‘slave’. He ran through the various routines he had imagined to humiliate her. He chuckled as he had his last sip of coffee.

As he was walking to her car, he called up his old friend, Mr. M D. Singh the judge for today’s session.

As Shaini was walking to her car, she just recollected the phone conversation she had had with Anuj, “Take back your case and I’ll make you the most sought after lawyer in town, and I do not mean in bed!”

“Thanks for your proposition a*****e, but no thanks, beating you will do that to me anyway!”

“Are you so sure you can turn the jury against me?”

“Are you scared Mr. Rane?”

“Scared!? You make me laugh woman. Here’s what I say, when I walk out of court tomorrow, free, you will come home with me and pay for the trying to dishonour me. Do you have the guts Miss Aly to take on a challenge?”

“If you do walk out free, you are an extremely lucky man. And a man with such luck deserves a woman like me. The bet is on”

‘What an arrogant fool he is’, Shaini thought.

‘Few men invite certain death the way he just did.’ She laughed.

She got into the car, played her favourite song, ‘I’m on a highway to hell’, and went along.

The hearing at the court was worse than she had expected. She knew it would’ve been unfair, biased, and inclined to free the powerful man, but she had expected the hearing to happen at the least. No hearing. No sooner was the accused person’s name called out, than the judge declared him not guilty and acquitted him of all charges.

Anuj smiled at the sexy lawyer. Shaini’s phone beeped. She had a text message, ‘Tonight at 7 b***h. Don’t be late. Have you ever experienced pain?’

The defeated woman sat there for what seemed hours. She had lost her case. She would lose her honour. She was losing her life. Bit by bit. Had she failed the dead?

PAIN. Does the b*****d even know what pain is? Scenes from five years back flashed... The horrible, and careless doctor. He had already caused enough pain to make sure it would last her whole lifetime even if he did not mean to. Shaini took him to court. Her first case. She won. But she had already lost. One bad shot.

There was a knock on her door, this at just about the same time that the clock had struck 6. A pick up had been sent for her. She had no way out. she wouldn’t have taken it even if she did.

Today Anisha will be avenged.

She was dropped at the murderer’s house. He had a basement, which looked very much like a dungeon, out of a porn film. This freak sure had a twisted sexual orientation. A variety of chains, a choice of leather, hand cuffs, ropes, and what not. It was pretty much hard to believe that this was for real.

The sadist saw her and smiled. You had a choice b***h. No one’s going to hear you scream. “You’ll go like your sister. Maybe not as soon as her. You are so much more fiery, I’d like to play with you and break you for longer.

When she passed away she did not know. What she did know though was her body hurt. There were more cuts than she could imagine. Her a*s hurt so much she couldn’t sit. Some of her more vicious

There demon sat, pretty much enjoying watching her. He mocked her, asked if she wanted to try breaking him. If, her frail and abused body had what it took.  And he laughed.

She could barely stand. But she found the will. She wanted to hurt him as bad as she could. And that burning desire was enough to drive her .

Her body though did not agree. She cuffed him. And with all her strength she punched him... it was enough he was bleeding. And that was all she wanted. He had walked into his own grave. She smeared her blood over his cut. And walked away. “Thats all?” “

“Yeah thats all!”

 “You can run girl. But I will reach you soon enough. And when I do I swear to kill you. Bit by bit by bit.”

Shaini laughed. “You needn’t worry about killing me. My angel is doing me that favour already”

Anuj did not seem to understand what she said.

Saying so, she left the hellish building.

“I’ am going to come back for you when you are up and walking again. To defeat you again and again and again.”

“You cannot defeat me now. You cannot break me anymore.” She said this with a mysterious smile. “I’ve defeated you already.”

“By the way have you heard what a soothsayer had told Julius Ceaser? This is what he said : BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH. And this I say to you”


An angel in heaven was crying of joy.

Oh God! My sister is finally dying... It’s the best thing you’ve done do her God. Please bring her straight to me.


Two weeks later. Anuj received a call.  “Your friend Shaini Aly has passed away. She said that she’s already left you with everything she had. And she said she hopes you are blessed with a long life.”

Shaini Aly was granted a death wish and Anuj Rane lived on for another fifteen years.

Anisha was avenged.

Shaini Aly made her final journey on the 14th of March after a five year long battle with AIDS.









© 2008 pseudonym_7

Author's Note

Its pretty much longer than i wud have liked it to be... but i really had to do justice to Shaini

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Haha, LOL the last sentence was worth the entire read, the guy didn't even know what hit him. mixture of happy and sad ending, i like it.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 21, 2008



Bombay, India

pseudonym... doesn't that name suggest desire for seceracy! ;) more..