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Dreams of the Rain

Dreams of the Rain

A Poem by Stripes

Inspired by a friend's


Dreams of the Rain

I can hear the rain against my window.
The thunder jarring homes
And the lightning crackle and burn
Lighting the night in the briefest

I'm sucked into the dream
Into the storm

I want to dance in it.
Spin and twirl and dip with you.

Soaked to the core
Laughs swallowed by the rumble of thunder.
The clouds enveloping the moon and the night
Hiding our emotions

Until the next flash of fire
Lighting up our faces.
Seeing your smile
Your face covered in the water that soaks everything

Knowing my face is a mirror, reflecting that.
Then being sucked into the darkness again
And not seeing
Only feeling

You arms around me, slick
And your heartbeat against my own
Rapid and feisty

As we dance in the storm
As it's power tries to overwhelm our feelings

Until the rain relents

Until the thunder surrenders

Until the lightning yields

And we step away
Catching our breaths
Swallowing the last of our laughing

Until the rain is gone
The thunder is distant
And the moon takes over the lightning's job.

We're standing
Dripping wet
Short of breath
Bathed in moonlight

And I still feel your arms around me
Your heartbeat against mine

And I'm back in my room
Back in my bed
As the dream fades

© 2011 Stripes

Author's Note

Mmmm? *shrug*

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No. She read that just like 3 days ago.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like it. Is it inspired off of Xina's Dance In The Rain?

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on April 2, 2011
Last Updated on April 2, 2011



Westminster, CO

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