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Letter to My Dad.

Letter to My Dad.

A Poem by Kayleen

This a a letter/poem i wrote to my father in prison in reply to one of his, but i never sent. just found it on my computer..


hey f****r, i got your goddamn letter

so you think if you just write yourself off, it'll be any better? 

"im just a junkie, im a f**k-up" really thats what you resigned to be?

"i cant be any better, i blame everyone who didnt help"  is really what your f*****g saying to me?

your really hanging your life on a coin flip? 

get Delancy street or you what? f*****g quit?

are you really so weak you dont have any will of your own?

ok i'll give you the benefit that you probably dont when your loaded or stoned

but you had to make that first decision to pick up that needle or pipe

to go and be a f*****g douchebag and ruin all of our lives

its not just you Danny Boy, your not the only one to suffer

how bout your daughter, your sister, your bother or mother?

you selfish f*****g brat

can you pull your head out of your a*s?

look around it aint just you that you hurt

were sitting here with our hearts just shattered, feeling like dirt

and maybe you have enough sense to be aware of it

but not enough to realize 

that  it feels like you f*****g die everytime 

you try to play that we didnt help you enough, when you couldnt be bothered to help yourself

but how many times have we tried to pull you out of your self-made hell

no messiah is going to come down and take your problems away for you

theres no miracle cure, just have the f*****g will to get through

you give up so easy, you just lay down and quit

"oh hey here comes trouble, guess i can't do s**t"

and you wont listen and you say that you werent able to

when the truth is you just didnt want to

you knew you were wrong

but you say youre confused

weve both known all along

the only thing that confuses you

is the differences between whats right

and what you choose to do

now dont be thinking its the end of your life

cuz i know thats probably where your head goes sometimes

you can make it right if you really want to change and let go

but you get sucked into playing the Danny boy role

well the plays over the curtains have closed

Danny Boy has gone away

and your left sitting there feeling stupid and cold.

just like the rest of us.

© 2011 Kayleen

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Excessive profanity, but maybe the occasion required it. I do not know. I do not swear. Prison must've fixed him though. It fixes almost all men, makes them quite the philosopher :) I hope you realise that the quality or structure of the passage cannot be analysed: it's pretty random. Maybe a touch of editing will help.
Maybe you should've sent it- knocked some sense into his head. But you say you already tried that.
What happened finally..?
Anyway, read De Profundis if you ever get the time. It's easily, legally available on the internet. Maybe you could relate to it...i know ur dad could.


Posted 8 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on September 9, 2011
Last Updated on September 9, 2011
Tags: fathers, prison, anger, drugs, suicide, giving up



Anaheim, CA

Kayleen. 22. California. I Like Old School Punk Rock, Electro nonsense, and Katy Perry. The Mighty f*****g Boosh. Everything else amazing overseas we dont have here. I make movies, bad decisions.. more..

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A Poem by Kayleen