An Unconditional Love Story.

An Unconditional Love Story.

A Story by Purak Sharma

In This Story. I will tell you my beautiful experience of love with my husband and before my marriage I have been relationship with him for about 7 years. It was a great Experience for us


so my story of love begin from my primary school. when I was in 5th standard I met him as a classmate. He started loving me from that day but I don't have any feeling for him that time. He never say to me that he love me but his actions proves his love like, He help me in my homework, he saw all his paper to me in exams. He helped me as much as he can everywhere and in every situation so by this I have a soft corner for him. In school days I m a very quite student, I didn't talk much so I didn't even talk to him. so years past but he didn't says his true feelings to me.

Than my birthday came he know all about He inquired all my information where I live, what is my phone no, how many members in my family, when my birthday has come. He know all about me. so my birthday day has come when I came from a prayer and open my beg there was a gift inside it and in my desk self there was a flower I m stunned who did this who gave me gift without telling to me I asked about this to my best friend she said no I didn't put anything in your beg. Actually somewhere I know that he is the only one who can do all this. I didn't say to him about gift because its little bit awkward. But from the heart we both know that whats the matter.

In school he looked at me with loving eyes. so that silent love and eyes love carry forward for 5 years and in last of my 10th finally he purpose me because that was the year when our school has been changed. because my was till 10th standard.He purposed me I took some time he gave his number to me. I take it .and after some day I called him .At first bell he picked up my phone. He looks very excited. He said to me on phone that he is very happy today he can't even believe his ears that his dream girl has called him.

He also save my number in his phone by dream girl name. He crazy about me. so that how we started to talking to each other. my 10th exam has passed and my school has been changed . because I didn't have phone in school days I talk with him by my home phone and that phone my father started taking with himself so I didn't have any phone to contact with him .so because of this we unable to contact with each other for 2 years. yes its a very long time. but our feelings doesn't change in these 2 years we still love to each other rather more grace than the college time has come. And my parents gave me phone I messaged him .He replied me with in a second . A pleasant smile came on my face. He ask how I m . I replied I m fine that we talked to each other for an hour.

But than a unfortunate thing has happen my parent comes to know about my boyfriend .
so that it for today further story I will tell you in next part that how my parents reacts after knowing all this matter.

© 2020 Purak Sharma

Author's Note

Purak Sharma
I am new here so please ignore the grammar and spelling mistake. and Please share your valuable feedback. i am waiting for your response.

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Added on March 28, 2020
Last Updated on March 28, 2020
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Purak Sharma
Purak Sharma

Delhi, Hindu, India

I am a Purak Sharma Lives in Delhi (India). I experience Many things and moments in my live which i want to share with all. anything i share hare is mostly related to my real life experience so please.. more..