Letter to God (#1)

Letter to God (#1)

A Story by Raven Radke

Not really a story, but it's a real letter I wrote during school and I'm pposting it on here.


Dear God,


         Why am I so imperfect? Why am I not good enough? I feel like I'm not what anyone wants. Especially on my youth softball team! I mean I'm nice to them and I stayed out of their way.  I don't understand..I just don't understand, God. I feel like just one of those toys that kids play with, but then they just leave me. I don't know..I really don't know. My little brother is popular with them, but I don't want to hang out with people because they hang with my brother. I want people to like me for me. But I know that they don't care so maybe I should just quit the team, but I don't want to let them down so I'll stay on. My grandpa was said something about me the other the day. He said,"I've been reading your poems and you have a dark sideto you. A dark side you don't show to anyone." "What is that darkside?" I asked him. I knew what the answer was, but I wanted to hear him say it himself. "You're lonely." And he was correct. I am lonely. I want to burst into tears. It's not fair for me to suffer like this. I cry out to you broken and desperate, but I think you aren't listening. Life isn't getting any easier. I'm so lost and confused. I need you, God! I need ou! Please here my cries! I'm asking you now to just fill the emptiness in my heart and make me new. My lonliness is killing me inside. I'm crying out to you. Please let someone out there reach out to me and help me? That's all I ask for. All my friends have boyfriends and other people and I feel like there's no room for me anymore. I wish I could just have Tyler back. Tyler Lindsey was so nice to me and he had the hugest crush on me, but I never gave hima chance. Can you let him know I'm sorry? I want him back here in Tennessee and not in stupid Wyoming! Well God! I bet you're getting annoyed with my complaints so I'll go away I guess. You won't hear another complaint from me ever.



                       Love your child,

                            Makayla Jones

© 2010 Raven Radke

Author's Note

Raven Radke
It's a note to God. I really did write this. Comment if you want.

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Its one thing to pray and live your life as if he's not there, but its another to pray and live life like he's the only thing there. :D

Read your bible, pray, and live for him.

Posted 11 Years Ago

It's very powerful!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Raven Radke
Raven Radke

Nowhere land, TN

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