Curious Case of Patience

Curious Case of Patience

A Story by IamDale

"This is definitely going beyond an object"

     Who have never had an argument against their sibling? I mean, sisters and brothers never fail to frustrate their parents with their barbaric quarrels. Maybe those who have not experience such are those so-called "only-child" , who are perceive as spoiled individuals. Nevertheless, going back to the topic, I mean I had seen all sorts of arguments like those with hangers and things going in the air, while others just go for the "rap-style" of argumentation; the worse case of that kind would have to be the "speak and spit" which is also called the "saliva game". But my sister and I are emotional people; we want our quarrels to reach box-office status and receive critical reception, so we do the dramatic style of argumentation wherein tears are a big plus in winning the argument and the main ingredient really is bringing back fulfilled favors. I win most of the time and it felt like winning an Oscar. Here is a glimpse of our so-called dramatic argumentation.

     So one day, my sister and I just arrived from school; both of us are super tired. We were both busy in our respective clubs and had practices and meetings that day. My sister and I went to our laptops to check on fb updates. My cousin then invited me to do skype, to just talk and share stories concerning school and all other stuff. I then just went down to get water, as I went back to my room, there she was my sister, chatting with my cousin. I mean, I was the one invited! She was never invited and she's now the one getting my cousin's attention. What I thought of that moment is that my cousin, same age as I am and I considered my best friend during my childhood days, and my sister are super close these days and I felt left out. I mean their both girls and I am always out of their so-called girls' talk. I just was jealous. Being a very comptitive person, I suddenly grabbed my laptop and pressed the exit button of the skype chat window, so their conversation was ended. My sister then pushed me and kind of punched me. I did not fight back physically but I fiercely explained to her that I was the one invited. Then what's funny is that we ended up crying and we talked about what favors we did for each other last year. After that we eventually laughed because I mean talk about last year and its relation to what's going on to cut the story short, we teared up, I had a little bleeding moment( she scratched my right hand) and my cousin never invited any of us to a chat! Well, our lives are boring without these Oscar-worthy performances, right?


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I like stories about siblings because I have had limitted time with mine and they are all so much older than me that I don't really have long term camaraderie between most of them. good write I'm glade you guys settled your disagreement.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Why is that social media is involved with everything that happens today? I know its popular but damn. xD
I've never had a proper conversation with my sister and I haven't seen her at all. D:
I sometimes think that sibling fights are ridiculous and to have them is immature because both parties are going to end up forgiving each other somehow unless you're really fucked up. Other than that, good way to end a story. lol

Posted 9 Years Ago

The fun of having siblings...^^* Thank you for sharing this. It was a good read.

Posted 9 Years Ago

HA! Sounds pretty similar to some of the quarrels I have had with my siblings. I'm the youngest of three: I'm 30, my two older brothers are 36 and 39. I remember being tormented by the both of them and you are right, the one that has the tears is usually the one who wins...usually. See, I loved how my wonderfully devious brothers would blame ME whenever something got broken. Ugh...

Aside from cousins though, siblings will be with you always, and throughout these quarrels you will develop a close relationship that nothing can possibly compare. Just keep in mind for future reference, girls don't tend to be rational-we live by our emotions so trying to talk logically when we're all worked up doesn't always go well. :) I'm glad that you two made up though. It wasn't until my eldest brother joined the US Navy and my other brother went to college before we actually got along without bloodshed. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

It usually ends with mom calling the g=doctor and dad dragging us of each other. Can't you tell that we love each other? lol

Posted 9 Years Ago

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