Episode One

Episode One

A Chapter by Jofer Serapio

           The Bulilit BoyZ started as a group name for our 4th Year Chemistry class. We were five boys in that group, only guys. That start only made the brand look like the short lived teen oriented shows of GMA 7. It took a whole week for the real Bulilit BoyZ to form.

            It was Monday. The start of another week. For those exchange student losers, it was another grueling week of fending for themselves. Of course we never had exchange students so no one thought that. In fact, nobody actually thought of anything. We used to just go on with our pathetic lives like the characters on the Daisy Siete GMA 7 show.

            “Good morning, Q!” rang my classmates’ voice when I came in.

            Yeah. That was the welcome each of us gets in our class at the start of every class, am or pm, we’d get our eardrums whacked.

            Notably, Ruth, a cutie Chinese-featured classmate, was the loudest greeter and perhaps was the most responsible in whacking our eardrums. She was childish but, boy oh boy, was she hot!

            I always just try to ignore them, being the spiteful and overzealous cretins that they are. They would try to leave me alone too, a brilliant show of respect and intelligence. However, that wouldn’t work for Ruth. It’s hard to imagine we were friends. She was such a childish person with no regard for anyone’s feelings but her own. But then again, I did attract a lot of weirdos.

            “Hey, kulot!” she said as she sat next to me.

            Kulot means curly and let me tell you, it’s not a flattering nickname. It makes anyone look like that moron from the Three Stooges. Just goes to show, people do like to laugh at themselves.

            Moving on, she was attractive but some times she makes Ashley Tisdale’s character in Disney’s High School Musical look a less obsessive with being on the spotlight.

            I had a sort of crush with her. She was cute-and hot! But that was easily remedied. She didn’t want anyone courting her so she acts childish a lot of times. It’s a family heritance, she says. I think it was too much Boom-Boom lollipops. She also likes hugging me, along with every other girl in our class and a Bulilit Boy named Lexphil. I just imagine we’re a couple when I hug her back. I was pathetic, I know.

            “Yeah?” I asked her.

            “What are you doing?” she said, intently looking at me.

            What a disturbing person. She was hot yet she wanted to be retarded. I mean, I was holding a book! I was reading! What would I be doing with a book? Eating?

            “Reading?” I told her.

            “Reading what?”

            Now she was just annoying, “A book?”

            “A book about what?”

            Our conversations were always retarded during mornings. But when afternoons come, she suddenly becomes this intellectual and interesting person to talk to. Probably why I was attracted to her. Oh, and the fact that she sits on my lap helps.

            Minutes later, the co-founder of the Bulilit BoyZ, Euben, arrived on the scene. He is a sports jock, a bit childish being an only child, and an impatient virgin. He’s the only guy that can match Ruth’s intangible childishness. They always get into stupid fights over stupid things. For example, they once fought under the impression that Santa Claus was an overgrown elf or a small giant. Stupid.

            “Yo, bro!” he called me.

            We were seatmates and we were seated at the back of the room where the windows showed the school ground and not the smelly swamp.

            “Hey! Look what the cat dragged in. A smelly flea named Euben!” Ruth said.

            “Me a flea? You’re shorter than me. You’re the flea!” Euben answered back.

            They bickered and bickered until more of our classmates started to show up. Their engrossing squabbles were overshadowed by the own engrossing squabbles of our classmates. Stupid.

            “So. What’s up?” another Bulilit Boy, Paul, asked me when he saw my grimace.

            Let me just tell you who the first Bulilit BoyZ were: Me, Euben, Paul, Ricky James, and Jerick. Of course, I’ve already told you a little about me as well as a little about Euben.

            Paul is the son of a cop. For a policeman’s kid, he was a gentleman and exaggeratingly meticulous, he makes Boy Abunda look straight. However, underneath him is a good friend, loyal and true. Okay. He paid me twenty pesos to say that. He’s also my psychiatrist.

            Ricky James is our class’ model boy and hearthrob.


(The spoof ends here but I promise I'll finish it if I get the proper motivation...like money or nagging)

© 2008 Jofer Serapio

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hmmmm I have no money, but I can nag!
but I won't, coz no one likes to be nagged...
This reminds me a lot of me in class. there is this guy I kinda like and he'd come up behind me and put his arms around my neck and say "hey" softly in my ear. he hugs loads of people, but when he says things like "hey sexy" and "I love you"..but then sometimes he would say after a pause he was joking, and sometimes he is just one of the biggest pains! he tries to suss everyone out, and he just hurt my brain in confusion of how he felt about me. In everyone elses eyes I hated him, but really I didn't.
anyway he is not in any of my classes this year, I am kinda over him...I think..
I think too damn much.
that is my problem.

anyway, it brings a smile to my face to read your words and reminds me of the great times I have had at my old school. I hope my new school brings great memories too.

anyway I hope everything is just awesome now you're an "adult".

keep writing and thanks for sharing!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 7, 2008


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