Lost Souls

Lost Souls

A Story by Jofer Serapio

As far as I can remember, I wrote this piece on my first year at my high school.



"Lost Souls"

In life, we normally wouldn't appreciate what we have until we lose them. Everything, everyone, every fragment of our existence, becomes annoying when we spend every minute of our lifetime with them. We only notice how great they are after they are no more.

Amidst life's great creations, we only seem to notice ourselves. Well, literally, we do notice each other but not like we do ourselves. In our own eyes, we see ourselves as greater beings capable of more intricate developments, thus focusing on holding ourselves at the highest pedestal that we could only dream of.

Most of us say we are all normal, all the same. But how many of those people truly believe that they are on the same road as beggars or hobos?

Some times, when some things go wrong in our daily routines, we curse the heavens, spiting them and professing ourselves as, for lack of a better term, cursed. That's the same as thinking that we are superior than others. So now you are too good, too rich, too smart, for the heavens to prefer to single out with some curse?

I must admit, in society, we have classes and ranks. In biology, we have genetics that makes us different from one another. In psychology, we think differently thus making us all unique. However, being superior is not in any of those sciences. We are superior to animals because we can think? Cockroaches are superior to humans because they will, inevitably, last us.

Would that mean valedictorians are smarter than the "twentieth honorable mention"? In some aspects, yes, but not entirely. Nobody's perfect; we are all unique. You can't be superior or more than someone else without a deciding factor. You may be good when it comes to books, but it is a different story when it comes to sports. Some people memorize their way through college. Others learn through experience. Some would be praised in books while others by actions. There is a varied expression and notation of excellence, which in my opinion makes the whole world more interesting.

I've seen this countless of times in high school. When classmates transfer schools then and only then do we miss them greatly. While most of us experience this phenomenon, others don't.

In my own experience, I've lost a friend because she had to transfer schools, 2 more because of glory and pride, and family memebrs because of death. I've lost my morals in several ocassions. But as long as I don't lose my heart and soul, I won't forget those I've lost and I will definitely continue hoping for change within me.

After all, we do not want to be lost souls, do we?

© 2009 Jofer Serapio

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Author's Note

Jofer Serapio
It's not really good, with some shameful grammatical errors wedged deep beneath the colorful words, but since it looked like it was a draft, I thought I'd give it a bit of a cleaning and see what would transpire. Try to guess what it really is about. It may seem to be going off in all cylinders but trust me when I say, it only has a single theme.

Image Disclaimer: I do not own the image included. I just found that it suited my piece so there you go. Special thanks to the original artist.

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Added on May 16, 2008
Last Updated on January 19, 2009


Jofer Serapio
Jofer Serapio

Paranaque City, Metro Manila, and Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines

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