It Takes Two - Chapter Two: Of Fairies

It Takes Two - Chapter Two: Of Fairies

A Chapter by Jofer Serapio

Philosophies on Love?


If I had a penny for every time someone discusses love for what it really is, I'd have a penny. love, as one of the most difficult words to define, survives on different interpretations. While others would seem contented at the simple definition of the word, which is an emotion of intense affection, the lingering effects of a thoughtful aftermath will always prove that it is easier to use a word than to probe its deepest worth.

How could unity work if people have different ideas? Would it even amount to something when everyone knows that two heads are, figuratively, better than one?

Conflict makes for intellectual growth and, as much as peace is ideal, the former still is necessary to prove or disprove a single thought. Perhaps, peace will be inevitable as all knowledge turns clear but as for this time, this insignificant page in the somewhat confusing book we call life, it is still unattainable. With uncertainty, curious minds are piqued and so opposing thoughts are given the stage floor. There is no peace when everything clashes with each other.

But life is indeed an art and, like any art, it receives different opinions. Some love and enjoy each breath, each step. Others loathe it, condemning strands of black hair. A grown man would look beyond critiques, accept each with an open mind and continually grow from them. Only a fool would waste his time on a grudge rather than focus on his art.

Neku Sakuraba walked behind his Xenocider companion. As he did, he lamented on the loss of intellect that seemed profoundly abundant in the past few days. Neku was no elitist, he was a diplomat and every one who knew him respected him greatly. There were only a few men who sacrificed their worthless egos for the common good. The Evan Striper was one of those few men. Although he seldom spoke, Neku was always thinking. His views, opinions, were greatly valued as an experienced warrior in the fight against the evil Kaze'aze. He had a charm to him too that would always lead to people liking him no matter what.

"Hmmm...? Anything wrong, Neku?" Skyes stopped and turned around to face the young Striper. Neku bumped straight into his chest.

"Ah? Ehrm... Nothing's wrong, Hasu." Hiding his discomfort behind a big grin, he continually gestured that nothing was wrong with him. Skyes turned around but not without a puzzled look on his face.

They had left Momo and Kei on their own, Skyes with the intention of leaving his boredom behind and Neku to let the two finally settle what it is that needs settling. Neku, Kei and Annaliese had been comrades before and in the time that they've spent together, they've formed a bond that was quite as strong as a family's.

Skyes, on the other hand, was a foreigner although he didn't seem like he felt like it. He was a mysterious fellow and no one knew how his mind worked, except for Neku that is. Both men had shown great fondness for one another, usually within the guild's ranks. The Xenocider had yet to prove himself in battle, in the official workings of Shinsengumi. As far as the guild was concerned, the two men exemplified what it means to be a brother to another. As far as Momo was concerned, they were lovers.

"Say, Skyes..." Neku began to loosen up a bit.

Skyes took heed to his friend's words and stopped, turning once again to confront whatever concern he may have. "Yes, Neku?"

"Have you ever fallen in love?"

"Ah...?" Skyes didn't know what to make of the question, especially since Neku seemed to be a bit down as he asked. "Well, I had a family once and I loved them for all I could muster. Then Kaze'aze showed up. What a party pooper, eh?"

The pink haired warrior grinned, trying to make the atmosphere a little conducive for a fun conversation. Neku, on the other hand, shook his head persistently as he heard his ally's answer, hinting that it was not what he was looking for.

"No, no, no! I mean, have you ever fallen in love?" Neku's eyes seemed to have grown a bit bigger as he pressed his curious face against Skyes'. Feeling a little awkward, the latter laughed it off before he went on with the clarification.

"Eh? Well, if you're going on about love like with what a guy would feel for his girl or vice versa, then I'd say..." Skyes paused for a bit as the sun glinted in the distance. A familiar face graced his view, a red-headed girl younger than him for presumably 4 years.

"Skyes?" a concerned Neku took his stand.

"Bleep! Bleep!"

"Eh?" Skyes snapped out of his musings as he felt something vibrating from inside his coat. He plunged his hand in the pocket and fished for his phone. "Now who could this be? Hello?"

"Hello? Skyes?" came the familiar voice.

"Eumer?" Skyes answered back, distinguishing the owner through his speech.

"Hey, is that Eumer?"

"Wait a sec. I'll put you on speaker so Neku could hear you." Taking the phone away from his ear for a few seconds, the Xenocider had Eumer talking to both him and the Striper. The Nova's tone seemed rather angry for reasons yet to be known. "There! Where are you?"

"Hi, Eumer!" Neku butted in.

"I'm having a heckuva time, Neku, and it's all thanks to you and the new guy. I just called the guild to ask Kei if I had more important missions waiting for me but all I got was the answering machine. Where is he? Is Momo there too?"

"Uhhh... What are you talking about, Eumer?" Neku was more confused than ever.

More concerned with Eumer's question than his blame, Skyes shot back. "Yep. They're here. Neku and I left them alone to cover more ground with the mission. Presumably, they're making out."

"Itoshiki and Annaliese are making out? Ohoho! That I gotta see!" From the other end of the line, Eumer started to grin.

"Yeah. Too bad you're somewhere else." Skyes commented, popping one of Eumer's veins.

"Why are you blaming me?! What did I do?!" Neku frantically waved his hands in the air, popping a second vein.

"WHADDYA MEAN YA DON'T REMEMBER?!" Eumer started to shout at his two comrades. "YA SNEAKY LIL BASTUHDS!"

"Eumer, calm down." Skyes had his smile still on, even though Eumer was blatantly unable to see it.

"Yeah, just tell us what we did."

"Unless, of course, it's all Neku's fault."


"Darn it... You two are serious about not remembering where I am and why I'm here?" Eumer grunted, his vibrant voice still recognizable.

In unison, both the Xenocider and the Striper answered him. "Chyeah!"

"Fine. Let me remind both of you then..." Now calmer than before, Eumer started to reiterate his current plight. "I'm with Nauko and Dukou..."

"That doesn't sound bad." Neku commented with a smile almost as huge as Skyes'.

Eumer paused and as he did, he sighed. "They're on their honeymoon..."

Neku's eyes grew bigger and Skyes followed suit. They stared at each other before turning back to the phone the Xenocider was holding. The duo tried holding their laughter in and succeeded for a few seconds before they finally gave in. Eumer was obviously ticked off.


A few days ago, inside the recreation room on the right wing of the Shinsengumi Guild House, three warriors were engaged in a heated battle. All three of them fought for their own personal reasons, with the aim of being the victor planted hard in their brains. They were determined to go for the goal. Eerie silence made its mark whenever one was strategizing in his head. The bout continued for about two hours or so until finally...

"What the?!" Eumer screamed. "How could both of you win a game of Hearts at the same time?"

The renowned Nova had both his palms on his head. He was genuinely shocked at the events that unfolded right before him. The wooden table, filled with cards and tokens of blue, green and red, was cluttered. It was a mess. As soon as Eumer shot straight up, it got even messier. His own cards and tokens were left in complete disarray, destroying his two other opponents' attempt at a neat finish.

"It's called skill, boy!" Neku joked, using a fake sense of pride.

"I don't know. Maybe we were just lucky?" seconded Skyes.

"But it-its impossible! There's always just one winner in this game!"

"Well, there's a first for everything." The Xenocider took a long sip of his iced tea while Eumer continued to fret with Neku teasing him like a child.

"So, then... You lost. You know what this means, right?" The gray haired Striper looked at the forlorn Nova with a menacing grin. Smiling, Skyes focused his attention at Eumer too. The Nova blinked for a couple of times before he realized what he had gotten himself into. Both his opponents looked at each at the same time and, with an agreement of smiles, turned to Eumer who seemed like the sky had fallen on his shoulders.



Neku and Skyes continued laughing before Eumer finally had enough. "Okay, that's enough!"

"We're sorry, Eumer..." Skyes said, calming down. Neku, on the other hand, continued laughing. "Can we do anything for you? To ease the burden?"

"Well..." As he began to ponder on a possibility of ending his trial, Eumer lit up like a boy inside a pleasure house for the first time. "If you guys can get me out of here, I'll gladly appreciate it. This is madness! Dukou and Nauko are always saying sweet things to each other... I love you... I can't live without you... Please be mine forever and forever... Aaargggh! I can't take it anymore! Plus, there are no single chicks here!"

Neku was now teary-eyed, all thanks to him laughing non-stop. "Geez, Eumer. Just stick it out. Be a man about it!"

"You don't understand! I'm in a place where everyone is paired up! I'm the only available person here! I need sanctuary!"

"Bleep... Bleep..."

Suddenly, the phone died. It would seem that Skyes had forgotten to feed it last night. Neku and the Xenocider looked at each other in complete amazement and then they broke out laughing again. For a couple of minutes, you could hear nothing but their guffaws. It was pretty crazy and annoying at the same time. Fortunately, things always end.

"Oh my gawd... That was great..." Panting, Skyes finally calmed down.

"Yeah... It was amazing..." The Striper tired himself too. It was, however, apparent that while Skyes was still suffering some aftershock of the frenzy, Neku had fully returned to his usually complacent self. He turned towards the yellowish sky and endured his silence. "You still haven't answered my question though, Hasu..."

It was Skyes' turn to become solemn. As the bespectacled warrior gazed at the symbol of life that is the Bermesian Sun, his thoughts were cleared to focus on the single query.

"What is love? Is it bound by age, race or gender? Are we supposed to die for it? Do we have to sacrifice everything? Will it always lead to happiness? When do doubts come in? Do we conform to a guideline? If so, has anyone seen this guide?" Skyes went on ranting but it didn't sound like one since the Xenocider was using his normal tone of voice.

"Skyes..." Neku's big silver eyes were fixed on his companion. His heart was beating fast, as if it was running from something too terrible to be its master. "Are you saying...?"

"I have no idea what love is, Neku..." With a smile, Skyes held Neku's hands to his heart. "But if I'm to choose who I'd want to be with until the day I expire... I'd choose you."



Meanwhile, on the other side of the forgotten remnants, Itoshiki and Annaliese surveyed the area with the sharpest eyes. Well, Momo anyways. Itoshiki was still pondering his chances of coming out of the proverbial closet. He was playing with something round in his right pocket, something made of gold. He was paying more attention on the Savior than on the area, eyeing her with the utmost admiration. He was frozen in time, warmed by an idea and rooted by his fear. Just then, Momo noticed him standing against a mural of lazy clouds and bright sun rays.

"Fairies would love an atmosphere such as this..." She smiled, prompting Kei to become befuddled even more.

© 2009 Jofer Serapio

Author's Note

Jofer Serapio
Disclaimer: The following story is a work of pure fiction. The characters, the events and the sensual innuendos are all fictitious. Any relation to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The guild name Shinsengumi belongs to their respective owners as do the aliases, the in game usernames and the forum usernames. Grand Chase and all related terms belong to KOG. The titles Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, Daten no Tsuki, Kara no Kyoukai/Rakkyo and Subarashiki Konosekai all belong to their respective creators and publishers.

Jofer Serapio ([email protected]) reserves this work as licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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