When Colors Met The Sky

When Colors Met The Sky

A Story by queensonvia

Before the human took its first breath, animals lived in harmony in vast, cool forests of the northern regions. The animals had easy and relaxing lives during the day. At night, peaceful silence stretched itself over all the land, promising sleep to creatures, big and small. Of these inhabitants, Brother Mouse and Sister Mouse were the most known and they would always get into silly arguments about who is better at what and the others would judge them on their talents. Then there was Little Bear, the youngest of the Bear family, who was quite intelligent for his youth and would always warn the two mice of trouble whenever they got into one of their predicaments. Next was Brother Fox, the slyest and cruelest living thing known around the realm of beasts. He was always up to something and many of the woodland friends would be lost in his trickery. Lastly, was Old Wise Owl, living at the top of the Great Sycamore in the center of the never ending expanse of forest. He was said to have more knowledge than the oldest Tree Spirit. 
One early morning, as the sky opened to a new day, the sun was greeted by the loud, strained squeaks of Brother and Sister Mouse. "No! I can paint the better picture! There is no competition!" 
Sister Mouse exclaimed and Brother Mouse came back with a stinging remark.
"I think not! My art is the most beautiful of all the world! Yours looks like the left-overs of a dung beetle!"
They tossed insults back and forth until Little Bear sauntered over to see what the commotion was all about. When the two mice explained, the young cub's eyes became full of disappointment.
"Why must we always quarrel with such foolishness? Can't either of you see that both of your creations are wonderful masterpieces?"
"NO!" The two mice shouted in unison. Taken aback, Little Bear turned away and left them to their bickering, but warned them that they would soon pay a price for letting themselves be blind by their selfishness.
As the day drew to a close, Brother Fox appeared from the darkest trenches of the shrubbery and narrowed his eyes at the noisy rodents. He sat near them and they didn't even stop to acknowledge his presence. Brother Fox finally cleared his throat and interrupted with a sharp bark. 
"Excuse me, but could I be of assistance?" Sister Mouse's face lit up. "Oh, yes, Brother Fox! Tell us which of our paintings is more magnificent, although we already know that I shall end up victorious!" The mice shot glares at each other and the fox chuckled lightly. "You're doing it all wrong! I'm not the one you should be asking for help with this matter, but I will tell you who will be able to judge your work." Brother Fox leaned in and whispered his directions swiftly. The mice thanked him and he left with a smug grin on his face.
The mice did what they were told and waited until the moon had reached its peak before they scampered to the bottom of the Great Sycamore with their artwork. When they were sure everything was in place, they started dancing around the tree singing, 
"Wise Owl! Wise Owl! Wake up! Wake up!" Then as Brother Fox had instructed, they started getting louder and making more of a racket until two glowing eyes peeked out from a hole in the top of the Sycamore. Brother Mouse and Sister Mouse stopped everything and hugged each other out of fear. Suddenly, their attention was drawn to a thorn bush as Brother Fox jumped from the darkness, howling wildly with laughter. 
"Did no one tell you, never ever wake up Old Wise Owl when he is asleep?" The mice were shocked that Brother Fox had tricked them so easily and could do nothing but watch as he bounded away, cackling and shaking his head. The two mice remained, trembling as the owl landed in front of them. 
"Why have you awakened me from my slumber!" He boomed and the mice showed him their paintings. Out of anger, Old Wise Owl grasped the portraits in his talons and threw them into the sky. There the colors have remained, but are now known as the Northern Lights. Brother Mouse and Sister Mouse cried out and fled as Old Wise Owl took to chasing them through the night and continues to hunt them today.
Furthermore, the owl can no longer sleep during the night, and remains confined to sleep when the sun is up for all eternity.

© 2012 queensonvia

Author's Note

We had to write a...sort of a myth of creation and mine ended up being about how the Northern Lights came about as well as why owls don't sleep at night and why they chase mice :D

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Added on May 21, 2012
Last Updated on May 23, 2012
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Howdy ya'll :) I'm Sonova and I am quite an interesting person to say the least. I honestly don't write that much because I'm mainly an artist. I pretty much only write when I really feel it. more..

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