I love my...

I love my...

A Poem by Quinn W

A poem on all of the things I love about my appearance despite what others have said.

I love my freckles that splatter my nose and cheeks.
I love my eyes that are the color of muddy lake water.
I love my off-white teeth that never look right in photos.
I love my dark circles that make me have raccoon eyes.
I love my red cheeks that light up my face like a Christmas tree.
I love that scar that people always comment on below my lip (stupid escalator).
I love my boney body that has no muscle.
I love my collarbone that pokes out too far.
I love my untamable hair that's the color of oil.
I love my upper lip hair that in some lights looks like a mustache.
I love my nerdy glasses that are too big for my face.
I've never understood why people feel the need to comment about peoples' appearances and looks. In my opinion, you're not insulting me, you're insulting God. God created us the way we needed to be created. God doesn't stop until he believes he's created perfection. Why do you think it's appropriate to insult God's creation, his masterpiece? 

© 2016 Quinn W

Author's Note

Quinn W
All of the "I love my" statements were things that people have actually said to me. People have told me that I'm too boney or my hair is too messy of that I have a mustache bigger than their dad's. It used to bother me but now I embrace it because I know I was my Creator's vision.

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The one who comments others appearances are basically weak. And by doing that, is how they try to elevate their identity. I know someone who is sad that she does not have kids yet. She has a long beautiful hair. And in one of the gatherings I heard people talking about her that "she has long beautiful hair because she does not have kids". lol...there is no limit about insults and comments in the world. This work is a nice take.

Posted 4 Years Ago

The fashion of modern life, this is how people try to pass their free time, by making fun of others, by commenting on other's appearance. You are very right, it's not our insult, it's the insult of that creator who created us for unique purpose, but sadly it hardly matters to people until they have an encounter with reality and the truth of life... We are God's creation and imperfectly perfect just the way we are...


Posted 4 Years Ago

Well this is some positive and encouraging writing. I think i need it after all the series of writing depressing stories lmao. I like it. Great work!

Posted 4 Years Ago

This reminds me of a poem I wrote in fifth grade. I don't remember it, but I know that two of its lines went something like this:

Some say they're ugly and it tears them apart
when really we're beautiful because we're all god's art

Anyways, I could relate to this piece on multiple levels, primarily because I've been bullied about my physical appearance, and I've bullied others about their physical appearances. Because of my experences, I hate it when people refer to certain physical features as "flaws." In our society, it's common to describe things such as wrinkles or baggy eyes as "flaws," and when people recognize such "flaws" in themselves, it's viewed as humble and honorable--I, however, view it as a total misconception. No one should be able to call a cetain physical feature "flawed" because looks are a matter of personal opinion.

You can say that someone looks pretty, ugly, attractive, unattractive ... etc. (although at times, I hate those terms too), but to describe someone's looks as "flawed" is taking things too far--looks may be displeasing to someone, but never are they "flawed." The word "flaw" describes a defect or hinderance--not a personal opinion.

I'm glad you shared this piece because it has a great message. There are so many people who need to read this . . . it can really boost someone's self-confidence.

- William Liston

Posted 4 Years Ago

I'm glad you embrace yourself and the "flaws" other people see. Everyone is different, and some people can't accept that, but as long as you see yourself the way you want to, everything is going to turn out okay. I enjoyed reading this, because I know people struggle with self-confidence all the time, myself included, and it's nice to know people will read this and think of the ways they love themselves too. Thank you :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Quinn W

4 Years Ago

I've tried on various occasions to explain to people the way I feel and some people just don't get i.. read more
THIS IS A MASTERPIECE! This should be on posters for helping people build self-esteem & endure bullying! I love the way you list real tangible traits that many get teased about & the ones with these "issues" end up feel worthless & ugly & hating their own traits. The final paragraph is so brilliant! Why have I never heard this before? It's so obvious, but nobody I know of has ever put it like that. This is especially timely after the last year of campaigning which has maligned so many things about so many people. BRAVO! This is SHOWING instead of telling . . . all the ways we can learn to love ourselves.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Quinn W

4 Years Ago

Thank you so much!!! Thank you for understanding. Some of the things people have said about my appea.. read more

4 Years Ago

I love freckles more than anything! I never wear makeup! I'm glad you finally got to this point in y.. read more

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Added on November 6, 2016
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Quinn W
Quinn W


I have always enjoyed reading. It has taught me many things others just can't explain to you. It has also fueled my love of writing. I love writing short stories, they're my creative outlet, Mom would.. more..

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A Poem by Quinn W

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