Devils and Dust

Devils and Dust

A Story by Dr. Robert

A different take on the post apocalyptic prose.

We stood alone in a field of mud and bones. Not a whisper, not a sound. We stood alone in that field and stared for the longest time; thinking of what has been and what has yet to be. We breath in that air of ash and smoke. We've left ourselves open to anything now, for the worst is over now. We simple stare at the city that was our own. Now our city of ruins.

We laced our fingers together. The grim between us doesn't slow the sparks we left ourselves open to. I felt each heartbeat, slow and oh so true. I held my breath with each resounding thump of her heart. All we have is this moment. Their was no reason to pretend, nothing matters anymore. Nothing and yet everything.

You looked to me with mournful eyes. Our eyes locked into a silent dance of endless blight. Tears ran down your cheeks as I choked to find my words. The same feelings cut both of us open and leaves us with nothing but two hearts beating as one. We were young and restless and so alone. The ash falls like snow on both of us now as we remained silent. No words I find can express what just happened. We were the past, we were the future...we were one.

I felt your arms wrap around me as your face buried deep into my chest. Blackened, gritty fingers twist through through your ash-peppered hair. I held you so tight that night; I didn't want to let go. Quietly, she sobbed against my chest and with each whimper I felt myself die a little more inside. Questions arised in both our hearts and our minds. Is it the world that has withered and died or is it us? We have our doubts and fears and suddenly the realization dawns on me; the illusion of being strong for us both is dead and gone. We were both terrified.

Her face pulled from my chest as her sobs slowly died. Her beaten green eyes look up into mine. Not a whisper, not a word. We just stared. Was this all that we had left? Was all we had left each other? She smiled to me between quiet sniffles as we both realized that this is it. This is the rest of our lives. I smiled back and kissed her blackened forehead before holding her close. It was two hearts beating as one. Two strangers now forever trapped in a strange land. All we had was eachother, and without a word, we both knew.

We stood there alone that night in a field of mud and bones. Ruins of the city that once was our home was now dead and gone. Everything had changed for the worst. The ash rained slowly down around us as the sun slowly sank beneath the grey fallout. Not a sound, not a whisper. We were all that was left.

All we had was each other...
and all that was left was devils and dust.

© 2010 Dr. Robert

Author's Note

Dr. Robert
2nd Draft. Based off the song I was listening to while I wrote it (Bruce Springsteen - Devils and Dust), I've always been a fan of a free flowing, poetic style of writing. This was more or less an exercise of that. So many post apoc storys are so bleak and depressing, I wanted one that introduced the concept of love and companionship in a harsh world. This is the first of my pieces I'll be transfering from (too many 16 year old Twilight fans on Storywrite, not enough serious writers)

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Added on December 12, 2010
Last Updated on December 12, 2010


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Dr. Robert

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