The Chair

The Chair

A Poem by Einstein Noodle

                                               The Chair

found homeless and wasting
riddled with the bugs

bugs of time and want and damp green

found bundled in crumbling outer skins
water drifted with
heart red    -   and real   -   and
cedar scent         -         

kicking like asses 
in refusal.

brittle arms gone    -   or broken      -
push gnarly, knotted lumping pain 
long ago ... 

a stump ... of stubborn clinging


lays on it's side defiant to all the winds ............
winds of north and winds of south relentlessly 
pursuing the smoothing ... glossing picture of wild abandon

i took them in

i took them all and put them
put them big and small into my own fitting designs
hacking and sawing with gnats and hog wallows grabbing attentions
pulling, hauling, trudging up to the reckoning 

i began

with wire brush then
 on a spindle whirling and whirling dust of 
maybe a hundred years ... who can tell ... i was busy ... i didn't care
it was the heart and intent of that tree i wanted
searched for   -    and 
found ..................... it
bathed ..................... it 

fit it,  
glued it and screwed it .....

formed now 
to each other


© 2019 Einstein Noodle

Author's Note

Einstein Noodle
The picture is of my first attempt at building a chair. It is made from dead fall cedar that I harvested from out back and down the adventure all in itself ;)

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E., perhaps because I'm a woodworker, I found a special meaning in this work (image and poem). You've crafted here what is not only love of nature, especially fallen trees, but the love in taking something broken, abandoned, left for dead, and making it a centerpiece in our world. I think we have God-gifted humans who do the same with others. I think of the social service workers, mental health professionals and others who see value and redeeming qualities even in the most broken and beaten. An extraordinary, handcrafted masterpiece.

Posted 3 Months Ago

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Einstein Noodle

3 Months Ago

yes yes yes ... spot on insights my caring friend!! several others here are also woodworkers .. what.. read more


You are a craftsman and not only with poetry. I love this poem about your chair. I can imagine all the hours you spent carving that beautiful piece of wood into an item of beauty. Not only your hands working to shape it but your heart also.. My husband is an engineer. I watch him when he works. I love the way his mind approaches a task and all the stages through to finishing a task. He takes his time, but such precision. When I think of you, I will imagine you seated by the fire in your chair :) The tree lives on, and that is wonderful.


Posted 3 Months Ago

Einstein Noodle

3 Months Ago

thanks Chris... you are sensitive and a caring soul... lucky husband you have ;) the logs were cover.. read more
Christine Anne Shaw

3 Months Ago

Hi Mr E. I agree with you about the last line. Because you have called this piece The Chair, I don:t.. read more
Einstein Noodle

3 Months Ago

thank you .. we agree then ... change it i will .. thank you luv :)
that what happens when You c**k under a calm fire, the food then will be great and delicious, You put so much into this one, so much of You, for me, even though "the Vase" has some really great images and amazing ones than this piece, but this one is more genuine, obviously more personal, it was Your spirit not the chair, the essence of it flowing, challenging and achieving. Well done dear E!

Posted 4 Months Ago

Einstein Noodle

3 Months Ago

thank you for your sensitive insights Light! always! ;) yes... more personal for sure ...
A great blending of creative visions -- one of the poetry in the transformation of found materials into the chair and the other the evolution of the vision into prose.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Einstein Noodle

3 Months Ago

:) thanks for taking time Ma! both processes very fulfilling for me ... since retiring and moving to.. read more

3 Months Ago

yvw 🎃

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Einstein Noodle
Einstein Noodle

Pork Rind, AK

Last week I completed about 75% of an AARP crossword puzzle correctly ... I can not believe it! I have been here on WC for several years now and want you all to know how fortunate i feel having had .. more..


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