A Story by rachelenichols

Belinda needed an escort since the disappearance of her friend from campus the week before.


"Sorry I couldn't get here sooner," Brian said.  "Tiffany wanted me to meet her parents tonight."


"It's okay.  The library is just now closing."  Belinda stepped into the car, pulling the door behind her.  Ordinarily a guy like Brian wouldn't have much to say to plain, shy girls.  Sometimes he talked to them though to show he didn't consider himself better than them.  Though he was, of course.


As they drove off, Brian tried to make conversation.  "Do they still have any idea who could have done it?"


"They have no proof.  But they think it's someone she knew.  Someone on or near campus."


"Do you know who?  I mean, have they made any guesses?"


"I guess so.  I mean I suppose.  But they can't make any public statements about the perp since they have no proof."


"You would think they would tell you.  After all, you were her roommate."


"Suitemate," Belinda corrected.  They drove on in silence for a few moments.


"Well," Brian said, "Well.  I sure hope they catch the animal who did that.  Murderous creep!  They should castrate him without anaesthetic and cram it  down his throat till he chokes!"


He went on like this as they pulled up to the girls' dorm.


Shut up! Belinda wanted to say to him.  You're one of the Enemy!  But Brian couldn't help being a guy, so she kept quiet.


After the sports car stopped, Brian said, "G'night."


"Good night," Belinda answered.  Suddenly she had a mental image.  As she looked at Brian's broad shoulders and large hands she thought of how easily they could have choked the life out of her friend.  Her good friend who was now a corpse....


Quickly she got out of the car and hurried to the lights of the dormitory.


Brian smiled to himself as he drove away.  Poor Belinda, he thought.  I could tell by the way she was just looking at me that she wants me bad!  Too bad for her, Tiffany and I are practically engaged.


© 2012 rachelenichols

Author's Note

What about the dialogue? Does this story disappoint you?

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Added on June 15, 2012
Last Updated on June 15, 2012
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