How It Should Be

How It Should Be

A Stage Play by Rachelle

A dream I had once.

Rachelle- A blond, fifteen year old girl
Daniel- A blond, fifteen year old guy.

Setting: Daniels front porch on a summer afternoon.

Enter Rachelle.

Rachelle knocks on door.
Rachelle: Danny? Are you there?
Door opens. Enter Daniel.
Daniel: Hi.
Rachelle: Hi, Daniel. I was just coming by to say that I love you.
Daniel looks shocked.
Daniel: You came to tell me you love me?
Rachelle acts casual.
Rachelle: Yeah, I've been meaning to tell you for months, but I guess i never really got around to it.
Daniel: Wow. Since when?
Rachelle: I think it was in January. Yeah, probably January.
Daniel: You mean you've liked me all along and I didn't even notice?
Rachelle: Loved, actually. But yes, I have.
Daniel breaths in and looks at Rachelle.
Daniel: You're really brave, Rachelle. I've liked you for a long time too, but I just assumed that you were taken so I settled on admiring you from a distance.
Rachelle: I never knew you liked me because I thought you were already taken too. I just decided to tell you how I feel anyways because I knew that if I didn't  I would never know for sure.
Daniel smiles.
Daniel: This is great. Do  you want to go get an ice cream or something?
Rachelle: You bet.
Rachelle and Daniel exit smiling.

© 2010 Rachelle

Author's Note

I wish this were a true story, but I'm not that brave. Any playwrights here can let me know if the structure is OK.

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I'm a Canadian teenager. I live in Guatemala. I love horses and hummingbirds. I love playing basketball everyday. Smile, Rachelle loves you. I have the habit of falling in and out of love at an alarm.. more..

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