Theseus and the Minotaur myth WW2 version

Theseus and the Minotaur myth WW2 version

A Story by rae52

written for school thought i might as well post it


Rachel Davies

Theseus and the Minotaur WW2 style.


Adolph Hitler was a formidable man; he was the leader of the German Nazi campaign.  He had piercing steel-blue eyes and brown hair, he wanted to create a new race of people who had blue eyes and blonde hair, he believed that physical disabilities were punishable as was old age and following the Jewish religion along with many other uncontrollable things.  When he came to power Hitler began to punish these people, using concentration and death camps, Hitler imprisoned these undesirable people.  The concentration camps were work camps people were forced to under take back breaking labour and the death camps were worse; there people were killed in a number of different ways, some were use to test medicines and vaccines; these were injected with deadly illnesses and almost all died. Others were subjected to gas chambers, while some were frozen to death.


 Juergen Kuczynski was the son of the leader of the ‘Free German’ campaign and when the British Intelligence approached them looking for volunteer spies he vowed to go,

“Father, I must go on this mission, for years now we have been campaigning, but if no one will go and gather this intelligence how will what we dream of come to be, I have now heard rumours of these camps, I will go and you shall know I will not die for the sheer determination in my heart will not allow it.  I shall not die for I owe it to these people to live and have them freed!  I shall not die for a great man taught me you must fight for what you believe in! I will go, my mind is made up and it shall not be unmade!”


One month later Juergen was still of the same mind, he wasn’t going to be stopped he knew that much though he knew little else, but as he boarded the plane he could see his fathers face haggard with worry, with the worry that he would not return.  In a moment of guilt Juergen tore a page out of his diary on it he wrote to words ‘I will return’ and he threw it out of the plane door seconds before it slammed shut.  Hoping against hope that somehow it would come to his father and give him what little comfort it could.


As Juergen got a glimpse of his fatherland his heart raced, for even though it was a land besieged by war it was his home, a true home not just a refuge.  Lost in the happy memories of childhood, the reality didn’t crash down till he was called forward.  As the last checks were made, he steeled his nerve, he wasn’t about to back out now.

“Juergen Kuczynski, do you understand you will jump into enemy territory, that it is your role to infiltrate a concentration camp, that your safety is not guaranteed? Do you know if we find you have leaked our secrets to the enemy assassination will soon follow?”

“Yes Sir”

“Do you understand the evacuation times, and that if you don’t return via the latest evacuation you will be presumed dead and your relatives will be informed?”

“Yes Sir”

“Then the best of luck to you.  You jump in five…four…three…two…one…”


Now to find a concentration camp, getting in wouldn’t be hard Juergen looked like he’d been sleeping rough for weeks, not just a few days. Just as he arrived at what appeared to be a large town, he saw some nazi officials seeing an opportunity, he crept behind them.

“…organised for the… but… tonight…soon?  We’ll ro…scum…alright!  Take…quietly, don’t alarm… check…churches… I h…they’re hi…there…”

Not quite believing his luck Juergen made his way to a church spire he could see amidst the roofs.


The footsteps were coming closer, long, firm footsteps.  Juergen’s heart raced, but still the footsteps came slowly, as Juergan began to tense, not daring to look back, the footsteps ceased.  Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder, and before he knew what had happened he was lying face up on the floor of the church.

“You dirty Jewish vermin hiding in a place of true worship, how many lashes does that warrant?!”

“I’d say ten Commander, and add another five for despoiling a holy place with his dirt.”

“Right you are then; your turn to do the honours Junior.”

Juergen writhed with pain as the whip thrashed against his back, but no sound escaped his lips, he wasn’t going to give them that satisfaction.


It could have been days later or merely hours when Juergen began to think again, he’d been bundled into a cart, and as the houses changed to fields he began to grow weaker he’d had little to eat or drink since he’d been shoved into the cart and it was beginning to show.  Some of the many prisoners had already died, he began to think of their families, how they would not know what had become of those poor innocent people.  As the thoughts of families lead him to think of his own father he remembered how he had vowed he would not die, he smiled as he thought of the man he had been back then, just over a month ago, as he thought those thoughts, that man began to come back, the old fire began to roar again, he would not die, he would protect his fatherland, and it was that memory that kept him alive for the many months he would spend at the camp.


Five days before the first evacuation trip he began to realise he had no clear idea where he was, or how he would co-ordinate his breakout.  Later that day he felt that things weren’t quite right; his diary wasn’t quite where it had been, it looked as though somebody had fingered through it, assuming he’d misplaced it, he returned to thinking about the more pressing matter of his escape.  As he did his duties he began to feel he was being watched, the hairs on the back of his neck began to stand up, thinking it was just nerves he pushed it to the back of his mind, he needed to think about his escape…


“Number 9005, number 9005 please report to the Commander immediately!”  Juergen ground his teeth in frustration he’d missed the first evacuation and he had his sights set on the second, he needed time to think not more beating.  He dragged his feet as he walked into the office making no eye contact for he knew it was considered rude and would only lead to extra beatings.

“Now look here son, now shut that door… I made some mistakes in my life, I can see that, and reading through your journal I can see I need to help you if I am ever to right my wrongs.  Here’s my offer, I’ll get you out of here, if you’ll get me refuge in London. Will you shake on that offer?”  Juergen was suspicious, though the man seemed sincear, he didn’t trust him.

“Yes sir, I thank you very kindly, what day?”

“A fortnight on Thursday, that’s the only day I can do it, if you don’t shake then I’ll turn you in now, I can’t have my secret regrets all over the camp it’ll be more than my life’s worth if the Sergeant finds out,” knowing it was useless to disagree Juergen shook on it, it was the day after the second evacuation; there would be only one chance, one chance to get out of the fatherland, it was going to be tough…


The agreement was that the commander would pull the fire alarm while Juergen ran for the only fault in the fence, about 100 meters from the fault was a wood and that was our meeting point.  I thought it all through as I ran through the chaos; under the fence 100m to go…50m…25m…10m then he heard the shout! The commander had been caught, he needed Juergen to help him, to go back and turn himself in, say he had never helped him.  Juergen though for a moment before continuing to run, the commander was or had been a nazi, he deserved to die!


The look on the Commander’s face would haunt him forever, he was sure of that, but as he took train after train racing to get to the evacuation point he knew he had made a mistake.  There was nothing he could do now but move on, the only way was on, on and back to England, on and back to London, on and back to his father, on and back to the medal that awaited him; if he had enough information; if he made it back alive…


Twelve hours!  Twelve hours till evacuation; he wasn’t going to make it. The only way out now was into the Netherlands from there he could hopefully get a boat to London, if he was going to get a boat back he would need all his money, he would hike to the Dutch border which was about twenty-five miles away.  It would take about ten hours in his weakened state.  He could do it.  He would do it.  For his fathers sake he would return home!


As he thought back to how close he had come to dying on that long walk he was grateful he had made it over the Dutch border before his strength failed, he had been saved by a Dutch woman who had found British Intelligence documents and diary that had lain hidden for all of his time in the camp.  She had called her local police and from there he had been saved.  As London appeared on the horizon Juergen knew British officials were waiting to congratulate him on achieving what no other had ever achieved, the infiltration and escape of a concentration camp, and somewhere, somewhere would be his father; prouder than ever!


As the quay side came into view there was a gloomy air to it, and where was his father, he should have been there embarrassingly proud but there he wasn’t.  As Juergen stepped off the gangway a short but official looking man walked towards him. Juergen realised it was the same man who had counted down to his jump a staggering year ago, he looked grim; like he was about to report someone’s death…

“You remember I told you if you weren’t on that last evacuation you would be presumed dead?... and that your family would be notified…Juergen…when we told your Dad you were dead…well you were all he had left… just hours after we broke the news… a suicide was reported…Juergen your Dad… well he’s… dead…








© 2013 rae52

Author's Note

was written for school not awfully good i know but what do you think
criticism welcome

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As a classical buff, this is a very unique idea. In fact, I would love to read more of some similar works. "Not awfully good" is a little harsh. Keep trying, add some more detail - aim for another 2,000 words and you'll have a nice story going on.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Well penned interesting write.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like it. Very brilliant idea. Now, I don't exactly remember where there were problems in the text, but I knew there were SOME grammatical erros, so I'll proof-read and send to you, 'kay? :DD

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

Rose of Gondor

7 Years Ago

:DD My pleasure!!

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