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Her heart rate shoots up, I feel the tension of the nurses and doctors, they are afraid, so afraid they have made me restrain her just so they feel safe enough to enter the room.  She gasps a breath of air, moving for the first time in hours, my relief evaporates immediately; her limbs meet the bonds and begins to fight against them.   I tell myself that she just needs a minute, that I’ll be able to calm her down.  I step forwards gently pinning her shoulder down, talking to her slowly, reassuring her.  She begins to fight even harder, I hold on, she’ll recognise me in a minute, then she’ calm down.  The pain is unimaginable, as she encloses my forearm, her fear giving her strength.  I look at her again still trying to reassure her with my voice though it’s now high pitched with pain.  She doesn’t let go, a nurse shouts at me, asking if we should anaesthetise her, I look at her thrashing figure and nod.  I know she realises because she finds a last lease of energy to fight the bonds with, but she doesn’t let go of my hand

“Just eave me alone,” she spits out the words, I let go of her shoulder, she doesn’t know who I am, I try to step back but she still has my wrist, he struggles growing more feeble, but her grip doesn’t loosen at all.  Finally she gives in to the drug and I manage to pry her fingers off my forearm.  The pain is still horrendous and my fingers won’t move, she’s broken it I realise. 

“Someone tighten those restraints,” nobody moves, “for god’s sake she’s out cold, now tighten them before anyone else gets hurt!”  I supervise making sure it is done properly and then run to the medical room to find someone to fix my arm.

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Nice, leaves the reader curiously pondering what in the world this female character is experiencing. Two quick things I noticed that may warrant fast self editing >>>"realises", “Just eave me alone,” otherwise, I enjoyed, nice writing.

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5 Years Ago

Argh I just can't get rid of these typos. Thanks.

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I enjoy writing. more..

Bree Bree

A Chapter by rae52

Bree Bree

A Chapter by rae52

Lucas Lucas

A Chapter by rae52