The "L" Word

The "L" Word

A Poem by Radrach23

It's only been 3 weeks,
Since the beginning of us,
It feels like it's been years though.

"I really, really like you."
I say that and I mean it.
But I wish I knew,
How soon is too soon to drop the "L" word?

What if this feeling I feel,
Is not reciprocated?
What if I get rejected?
What if I'm confused?

I'm definitely not confused.

I know how I feel about her.
I know this feeling. I've felt it before.
It's never been quite like this though.

It's never been quite this strong.
It's never felt this real.
It's never seemed so tangible.
It's never been so evident.

After the heartbreaking ending,
Of my last relationship,
And my habit of ruining everything I touch,
I thought I'd never love again.
I had resigned myself to being,
A lost soul looking for love,
But never finding it.

I asked you out,
Because I thought we had a shot.
I thought we could be something great.

As it turns out,
I was so right.

So there it is.
it may be merely words on a page,
But I swear,
Someday I will get the courage to drop the "L" word,
And all I can do,
Is hope and pray,
That you feel the same way,
About me.

© 2014 Radrach23

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Added on September 10, 2014
Last Updated on September 10, 2014



Pittsburgh, PA

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