Chapter Five

Chapter Five

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.


She screws up her music, and instead of a beautiful, melodic note, a high-pitch squeak is played.

Des stops playing, and purses her lips, trying to decide how to deal with her current situation.

Jake is home much to early, and he's gone an ruined what will she had to play on her violin. She decides by his bright red face he's either holding his breath, or raging. He hopes for the former; life would be less irritating then.

“I asked you a question! It would be in your best interest to answer it promptly!” Jake continues.

“I went to school, and then I came home,” Des says boredly. She doesn't want to play games. She just wants him out of her room so she can escape out her window.

“Where were you last night, young lady?” he demands.

“I've just been out and about. Why? Did you suddenly start caring for some reason?”

“I am your father and---”

“You're no more my father then this violin is breathing. We've been over this, Jake.”

“You will respect, me child! I own the house you live in! “

“This is my mother's house. You moved in here on your own.”

“What's your mother's is now shared by me. That's the glory of marriage; something I highly doubt you will ever see!” The step-jerk is all but smoking out of his ears. She might as well provoke him some more.

“You wear my mom's bras? That's sick, Jake.”

“This is ENOUGH. Go to your room!”

“...I am in my room.”

Jake says nothing, merely slamming the door shut in anger.

“Don't break my door,” Des mutters, pulling her cell phone out of her pocket and speed dialing Cersie. She picks up on the first ring.

“Jake home early?” she asks, not missing a beat.


“Need a place to crash?” she offers.

“Nah. I'm good. Wanna come over?”

“Heck, yeah. Time to make all Hell break loose?”

“That's normally the goal. Bring over a movie?”

“Chick flick or action?”

“Don't know, don't care.”

“When should I stop by?”

“Whenever. I think I can pissed Jake off enough to get him to leave me alone for the night.”

“Best thing I've heard all day,” Cersie chuckles.

“You know it.”

“Talk to you later, Des.”

“Later, CeeCee.”

Des ends the call and tosses the phone on the bed. She puts her violin away and glances at he clock. Chella would be home soon, by the looks of it.

She decides to walk down to her bus stop to bring her home; she hadn't done that in awhile.

Des grabs her iPod, phone, and keys, and leaves the house. She chooses to ignore the sound of Jake ranting in his study.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

Wow. Okay. I'm just gonna upload the next 3 or 4 chapters because I can. >:]

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okay so i'm slitening i mean listening to music while reading this so this is gonna take me like 4 years to review kay? :D

She decides by his bright red face he's either holding his breath, or raging. He hopes for the former; life would be less irritating then.----I like these two sentences because they are f*****g cool and I THINK I AM HIGHHHHH OR SOMETHING I HAVENT BEEN THIS HPYER IN LIKE A F*****G HYEAR AND IT'S SCARING ME ASFHJKASHG

“You wear my mom's bras? That's sick, Jake.”----I love you. No homo.


by the way you wrote "he" clock instead of "the clock" just thought you should know~

i like this book. it's so... normal so far, i guess. i can't wait uhtil i mean until it gets all crazy and whatever :D SFHKAJHTAUW THKAJFSH K I AM EXCITED AS HELLLLLLL

wow this review sucks assssssssssss

for whatever reason, that made me think of booty cheese. xDDDDD remember that? >:D

okay, time to read the next chapter. :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

master squiggles

10 Years Ago

oh my god rayne what the f**k drugs are you on
"take you to the booty cheese"<.. read more

10 Years Ago

I AM NOT ON DRUGS I SWEAR. I was kinda sleep deprived, I think. I also dont remember writing all of .. read more
master squiggles

10 Years Ago

oh my god
well, at least that's a good excuse

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