Flutter Promise

Flutter Promise

A Poem by Wingless Angel of Dreams

The ending to flutter


I sit on my usual stump
Thinking of life
Thinking of the world
My wings flutter,
just like my heart
And I smile,
I see him.

He’s dressed in his usual gold
Shinning like the sun
A faeri to behold
Dashing, and so honored
Charmed and gifted
His wings a glow
Flying him high
Just for me

My heart gives a sputter
As it beseeches me once more
To hold him,
To be enthralled by him
My heart cries,
Shocking my wings with a spirit
I need to stand, to control it

I sweep a bow,
“Your High-ness”
I play lightly with my words.
He smiles evidently
“Alicia Dower.”
He tips his head in recognition
“Beautiful, as promised”
His voice unknowingly seductive
He submerges my voice.

His eyes twinkle as he sees
My ever usual loss
My inability to tell him
Anything my tongue prickles with.
He steps upon the grass blades,
Lessening the gap
His scent alluring
Too powerful to resist.

“Your Highness,
I feel blessed to have you call
Upon my ever humble form
To call me forth ward for you.
My highness, what to say...”
I blush
He smiles,
His game is won.
He puts out a hand,
He always promised me it
I hesitant
He sees

“Alicia Dower
My childhood charm
Bestow upon me
Your beauty…”
He pauses
I interrupt.
“Your highness,
Oh Jean, you must not”
I ever deeply asked for this
I ever deeply hid this
“You promised me, Jean
Forever and ever.”

“I have the power,
I can choose what I want
Whether flowers
And head wreaths
Are my request.
If I deny them after all
It’s my power, I can.”
He stepped to the wood.

“I can break them,
If I want,
I can control them, unleash them.
I can promise anything
I can take it back to hell.
I promised you,
Now I will break it
And replace it with another…”


© 2009 Wingless Angel of Dreams

Author's Note

Wingless Angel of Dreams
sorry for the random job. this is the end to flutter. i lost interest in making it more epic-ical. >< oh no....

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Great job! I loved this. It was original, without going too far off the edge!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on July 2, 2009


Wingless Angel of Dreams
Wingless Angel of Dreams


Writing is my passion. It keeps me up past 2 AM, on a school night typing out my hearts desire to the Holy Spirits whispered words. It keeps me thinking, always writing, and always dreaming. .. more..