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Run child! Run to the Forest Queen!



In the meeting of the Great Council of Elders, many hundreds of scores ago a great prophecy was told:    
When the land is ravished in war, between the brethren of Lyte and Infusco blood, a younger Savior of sorts, bestowed with thick navy blue strings upon her head, will come and bless the tarnished land with peace once more. Her future of war, destruction, and pain is balanced with ever lasting love, strength, and courage...
Rumors were spread that more of this prophecy existed, but the Elders replied that they knew not of what else it had said, rather they told the public it said no more. This lie –as many see it– may just be a reaction to the denial of the prophecy’s truth by the majority of Elders. They could hardly accept that peace could be disintegrated before them. But fate, yes, the fate and the prophecy of time were the only ones calling the shots here. The Elder’s beliefs that the time of war would never come to pass, was a joke or prelude to destiny’s fated sneer.

One elder, though it is never repeated of who this elder was, had then convinced the rest of the council to take precautions for the –as they saw it– slim chance of war. This elder was the first of the Elders to actually see the light, and then was followed shortly, and before the occurrence, by a few others.

Treaties, plans, and alliances were made to ensure peace between the races. Yet with all the magic and with all the good works of inspiriting writing, nothing seem to be able to prevent the impending Great War. The Infusco with their ever moving nature and easily irritated temper grew to abhor the precautions that were placed against them and at the same time for them. Their usual temperance with the Lytes shifted and a clouded view of the world seem to make them see the Lytes as more of a self-centered breed; but at the same time they made themselves just that. On the other side of the plain, from the Lytes point of view, the Infusco seemed primitive at the least, or maybe it would better be said that the Lytes considered them barbaric by their fighting nature. Lytes were peacekeepers, but Infusco liked to solve problems physically. That isn’t to say though that the Infusco brought on war; they never really fought, just to fight. It was strange but reasonable to them, the fighting they did that is. Most Infusco wouldn’t of preferred to start the Great War; Yet like in the Lytes case, there was the corrupted many to pushed for it. In one way the war was sent off by nationalist feeling, because of the combined government of both species, that was until the war started and they broke apart.

It is ironic to say the least, that just as the war began to blossom, a great catastrophe came upon the torn land or rather the torn world. Witches, spells, curses, lies, deceit, hatred, karma- were all blamed for the very strange collision or tremor, what ever exactly it was that changed their world. The sky became fully dark– just night, all day, all night, all the time. The society that existed did not seem to understand what had happened, but in turn their world was full night, and they adapted to the circumstances. But even so this lack of sunlight, this life altering catastrophe did little to effect and/or bring an end to the Great War.

Years reigned on of this war. A war of pointing fingers, blaming titles, cursed names, and foolish problems. The Elders searched the known words of the prophecy, their view of the prophecy’s truth suddenly changed. They searched for symbols or times and dates to when the said Savior would appear. Yet they kept running to no conclusion, and was left with assumptions. They assumed that since the prophecy spoke of a “she” who would bring peace, then it must be the great power woman they all knew. From this idea, they looked to Mother Terra herself, for maybe she was the one.

Mother Terra –the Forest Queen– Queen of the Land, whether it was ravished or not. They believed maybe, when the war had caused too much pain for her lands, then she would come forth to the people from the unknown depths of her forests, and heal her lands– as well as the rid the land of the corrupted war ideas. For years they questions this, flipping it over like a pancake far too much that the question seemed to fade to a statement and then into a fact. They felt that the Forest Queen was the chosen one to save the lands and end the pointless wars. She the one closest to the land than anyone.

Run child! Run to the Forest Queen!

At that time they went to question the Queen, yet she was no where to be found. Her manipulation of her forest home, so keen and well worked, that no one unwanted, foolish, or curious enough to look, could ever find their way to her. Yet just as they reached the place they assumed to find her, word began to spread in the villages of a savior being born to the world. Yet that was the only a bit of truth that all the rumors held to them. As it turns out, the Elders themselves never her.

You need to make hast… to her!

To bring truth to your destiny

Find and hold close those

Who are important to you

It will surely save and guide you.

© 2009 Wingless Angel of Dreams

Author's Note

Wingless Angel of Dreams
This is the Prologue of my Novel, that currently has no Title, and no summary ^^;; Anyway, the only way i really post more of my stories is by request, so if you ask, i'll do so.

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Added on July 30, 2009
Last Updated on July 30, 2009


Wingless Angel of Dreams
Wingless Angel of Dreams


Writing is my passion. It keeps me up past 2 AM, on a school night typing out my hearts desire to the Holy Spirits whispered words. It keeps me thinking, always writing, and always dreaming. .. more..