Losing it, untill all that remains is not what I need.

Losing it, untill all that remains is not what I need.

A Poem by Wingless Angel of Dreams

i figured out why they cut....


You never know the scars that I cut.
The blood that I stream
Right through my soul
The cuts that run deep
Right beneath my thin flesh
You’ll never know, you never knew.

string me onto a flag pole
and let me be a flag for a day
I’ll feel a whole lot better
after blowing in the breeze
make me a flag for a day
I’ll feel a whole lot better
When its all through.

Hell take away all the thoughts
Take away all the sense
Let it smear, just all these thoughts
Let that sugary distraction fulfill
The purpose of a distraction

Let the music rage,
But don’t let me become a stereotype
A typical idea of what they call emo
But man would it feel good
To find a distraction
While distracted and released
It is gone from your grasp

I don’t want to talk about it
Because I don’t want to face it
I only what them to notice,
Hell I want it to stop
I finally get it
My enlightenment has come
I get why they cut, I really do.

Damn good it is
That I know the better,
That I know how stupid that idea is
But still I don’t see
How abstinence from stupidity won’t lead
Me down the path of idiocy
Straight into a sanatorium.

All this abstinence is good for
Is driving me insane
And making me keep thinking
And thinking and thinking
Don’t leave me alone with my thoughts
No, not even as I find a distraction
It won’t last long
Before its gone
And that devil of a presence
Is all that remains


© 2009 Wingless Angel of Dreams

Author's Note

Wingless Angel of Dreams
Free verse. i dont think its good, but it has a message that i think comes off strongly... strong enough at least

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Added on October 12, 2009
Last Updated on October 12, 2009


Wingless Angel of Dreams
Wingless Angel of Dreams


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