The Dark Light A X-men evolution fanfic  Ch.1

The Dark Light A X-men evolution fanfic Ch.1

A Chapter by rainbowsunshine9

Inthe frist chapter of tghe book Lilyrose discxovers her powers and then the professor finds her! :)


It was 6:30 am and I was in my bedroom lying in my bed and I had a pounding ache in my head.

I thought"Oh god!What is happening to me?!What will I do?!"

I was crying so much,because Im so freaked out.

At least my mum was supportive and she'll be always be there for me.

"Someone come and help me!"I beg in my head.


Lilyrose's prayers were answered when the Professor too,could'nt sleep so he checked on cerebo to see If any new muntants were out there.

He called Logan and now he was moody since he could'nt go back to bed.

“So Professor, who have you found with Cerebro this time?” Logan asked with a groan. He was not feeling up to looking for new students. For some reason the professor called him up to Cerebro for a special potential student.
Charles looks at the computer screen and says, “Cerebro has picked up a girl named Lilyrose Willams. It cannot seem to really tell me what her ability is yet, but she seems to be very powerful. Cerebro calculated that her power surfaced last week, but only made extreme notice today. I am going to have you accompany me to her home to convince her parents to let her come here."

Logan tenses up a moment and balls his fist. He asks after a moment, “How will I help bring this girl in? I am not exactly the best type.” Charles looks at him and says, “I have a feeling you and her have much in common.” He starts going to the garage where all of the vehicles are. He did not want to give the Willams the wrong impression by being late. Logan follows behind him not feeling comfortable with this at all.

When they arrived at the Willams household, a middle aged woman answered the door. She asks, “Are you Charles Xavier?” Charles nods and says, “Yes I am here to talk to you and Lilyrose. May we come in?” The boy slowly let them in the house. He says, “My sister won’t come out of her room since she had her episode. I will see if she will come out to talk to you.”

She goes down the hall and tries to open the door. I scream, “Please don’t open the door! It’s not safe to be near me!” The woman says, “Lilyrose, there are some people here to see you. I did some research on a man named Charles Xavier. He is a mutant like you. He can help you with your powers. You just got to come out of your room and talk to him. I won’t make you do anything else, I promise.”
I stare at the door and then I dry my tears."What?!"I say in my head."He was'nt suppose to come......."

A moment later I make my way out of my bedroom. I comes into the room very slowly.I look back at my mum.She smiles and whispers"Go ahead.It will be ok".I look at Charles and then at Logan closely. I say, “You are a telepath and your friend has healing abilities and metal claws from his hands.” I then put my gaze towards the floor.

Charles looks at me and asks, “How could you tell what we are able to do?” I look at the floor as I say, “It is one of my abilities. I have too much to count though or remember what each one really does."I put my gaze toward the floor again as I say to myself"Oh god!"Charles smiles and asks me"When did you discover your powers?Dont worry,Its ok"I look at them and then I say"I discovered them when I was in the bedroom and that was a week ago but last night It become huge......"I sigh and look at the ground.


Logan looks at me a moment.He then asks"What powers do you have?"I still look at the ground thinking "Oh this will be embrassing!"I sigh again and then say"At frist I got a long blue tail,these big fluffy pink ears,metals claws like you and big purple feet"I stop.Im now happy that I let It all out.Logan now is looking at me with a shocked face.

Charles looks at her and asks, “Would you like to come to the institute and have a look around? You don’t have to decide to live there until you are ready. I think you might actually enjoy going to school Bayville High.” I looks at him and says, “. I actually did know that you were coming to ask me this so I packed a suitcase and my mum already said It was ok so I will come with you.” Charles nods and says, “Im glad you knew and that you are coming.” I smile and go to get my suitcase.
My mum smiles and then says to Charles"Thank you so  much for coming.I knew this day would be coming so I was prepared.I hope she will be like It."

Charles smiles and says"Dont worry she will be ok and thank you too for preparing her for this day."

She looks at Logan with a desaproving face.Logan just ignores her and looks at Charles instead.

I come with my suitcase and I hug my mum and say"Dont worry,I'll text you when I there"I kiss her and begin to walk out with Charles and Logan.

My mum comes to the door and whispers to me"I dont trust the other guy with Charles so be careful about him"I nod not caring too much as I follow Logan.

"Oh yes!Im so happy!"I squeal in my head.

© 2011 rainbowsunshine9

Author's Note

Please ignore spellings and grammar promblems.
I hope you like this story and please message me! :)

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Added on November 11, 2011
Last Updated on November 12, 2011
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