A Poem by raj24



Don’t be sad it’s just love knocking on your door, said the little girl,

You may be afraid to talk, but let go what’s in your heart,

Guilty feelings are hard to go by, but isn’t it what you wanted all this time,

It’s your relationship, not mine, you need to stand for it, and she said goodbye.


Every night it was a new fight, fight for love, I wish I could talk about,

Face in the mirror had many questions, but the answer of none,

We often judge people without thinking twice; I wish I could change it,

But my destiny was locked with him, without my consent, without my smile.


We had our dreams; we tried to make them one,

Sometimes he gave up to me, sometimes I voted for him,

We often fell in love, although just for moments,

For the rest of the time, it was an agreement, we both agreed to.


Soon the years passed, our priorities changed, so did we,

Our agreement was still to be happy and pretend like it’s another day,

We woke up together, we slept together, it’s just we were not with each other,

Our eyes met often, just like other days, our hearts stand apart, just like other days.


Our little girl was growing up, just like us,

Her questions were difficult to answer, but I wish I could question myself too,

Why you both don’t talk maa, she asked while having dinner,

I wish I had the answer, so I simply looked at him, and we finished dinner.


Maa, I feel you both need to talk, not like daily conversations, simply your heart,

I feel like an agreement, a death penalty, that’s waiting to get to its end,

Please if not for me, at least for yourself, for each other, talk and end it,

It’s not you, it’s the silence between you that makes me cry, please stand for me tonight.


We talked, and my first words were, WHY?

Why, we never ended this silence, this pain that we both were going through,

You were not bad, not me either then why we couldn’t stand for each other,

If it was my fault you could have forgiven me, if it was yours I should have tried,

But we both failed, we failed each other, we became nothing but strangers.


You know why, he finally said something, because in me you looked for yourself,

In you I tried to find another me, we could not accept our differences,

You tried to make me a better you and I wished for a better me in you,

We accepted silence as our victory; we accepted each other's resistance to change,

Every day we woke up with priorities other than you and I,

For me, you were a mistake, till the moment you didn’t ask me why,

I wish we had talked about it, just like we talked of our dreams,

Today our dreams are a reality, only we are no more part of them,

We have not ended this night, but many questions that waited years for our silence to break.


A relationship wants us to talk, even through fights; it wants us to speak our heart,

Every question has its answer but silence only has more questions.




© 2020 raj24

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Stiff relationships are the worst. The couple may can manage anyhow but the other people connected solely with them for instance their kids suffer more than them.
It is like our childhood dilemma, sometimes we want to play or travel but either the partner stands unworthy or we stand too lazy/tired.
A heartfelt words filled poem. Thanks for sharing! Be blessed =)

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thanks for reading 😊 stiff relationship hurts a lot. N it's always better to talk about them.
Tahsin (Taah-scene)

1 Year Ago

Definitely a talk is obligatory, you’re welcome! :)

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1 Review
Added on February 12, 2020
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Delhi, Delhi, India

I enjoy writing and i believe that could be the only introduction of anyone who writes. Its a passion and it keeps me going. I am new into this, but I am learning. Its nice to be here. more..


A Poem by raj24


A Poem by raj24