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You hold the power, it’s a secret, she said to me before her last breath,

All these years I fought within to appreciate what she meant,

You must wrestle yourself; you must stand for yourself,

Those words kept on hitting me hard, making me walk through the dark.


The first stair of our life starts with school,

There is a lot to learn and quite a few things to forgo,

Friendship takes a new sense in life, and we began to question what’s wrong and what’s right,

But all those learning, all those questions suddenly have new roads to walk,

The course of life is not as easy as we were told and the struggle began right from home.


Behind the closed doors, we try to find our years,

Days become night and night turns a day, time fly as we try to catch it in front of our eyes,

Our friends seem to have the answers, but they have questions that are unlike us,

The relationship looks like the support we needed all this time, only to find we two are on wrong sides,

But somehow we surpass this phase, may not be as high but at least not on the ground.


Our work-life leads us to new goals,

Some are ours, and some are made just for the pleasure of other souls,

We learn new things; we learn how to be honest by being dishonest to ourselves,

People around us are our leaders, stirring us to fell victim to this new human race,

To please this new space, we fail to remember this is not what we are here for,

Questions of our essence are left unanswered, whether to stand or to fall, it’s a dilemma that’s there for all,

But at some end, we all need to take that last call.


Soon we get married or fell in love again; this time lot mature, very much sane,

We look up to each other, and dream of living the dream that was waiting in the lane,

But soon we realize there is more to love then hugs and kisses,

Some arguments end in ages and some leave their marks to stay in your memories,

But above all, we learn we have to find the answer before it’s time to say goodbye.


I got through it all in a fast pace, the question for me was not to find right or wrong,

Life does help you to improve, if not with smiles at least with pain all the way through,

In my job I found it hard to say yes all the time, I struggled to be part of the mass,

My dilemma was what to do, whether to bow down or stand and fight it through,

I took the call and punched him to the face as he tried to touch me before I could state,

Love surely had few more smiles for me; he was the right guy just as I wanted him to be,

But how can you walk over of my soul by hurting me, by making me weak,

Love is to recognize each other not to compete, but before I could realize he tried to hit.


I choose to walk away,

To stand tall,

To be me for a second time,

We hold the power, but it’s not a secret, it’s a moment we choose to keep it that way,

It’s with everyone; we let things drop upon us until they make us weep,

We know the way, but we opt to stay another day, not to get hurt but to see does something change,

Power is to choose the life we want, with pride and with decisions that are our own.




© 2020 raj24

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Added on February 19, 2020
Last Updated on February 19, 2020



Delhi, Delhi, India

I enjoy writing and i believe that could be the only introduction of anyone who writes. Its a passion and it keeps me going. I am new into this, but I am learning. Its nice to be here. more..


A Poem by raj24


A Poem by raj24