A Poem by raj24

The Mask


We will shout aloud, we will be the face in the crowd,

Our slogans will make you fret; our questions will make you scare,

But at no point, at no point, we are going back; we are one just like you.


You may give us names, terrorists, ant-nationalists or perhaps none,

With our bleeding hearts, we will stand; stand for us and one,

You don’t have to lose your night like us,

Whilst you dream to see us die, we will walk the long mile to see a new rise.


In counting our numbers, don’t discriminate,

It’s the debt we all have to pay for our evolution, for our wiliness,

Your policies, your words, they lose their meaning as you fail to stand for us,

Dust on our dreams, dust on your broken promises, let them settle for once on the ground, in the crowd.


To you, the world looks-wise, as you question our tears and sighs,

Our masks may not tell you our sufferings, story of our fake smiles and your honest lies,

Our tortured souls will arise, we will sing into the dark, waiting for your silent replies,

But you stand where you are because, in times like these, it’s difficult to listen to who we are.




© 2020 raj24

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Raj . . . haven't seen you at the cafe for a long time. I know you're busy. This poem was written before "MASKS" became a huge part of everyone's lives. I have to think about how your poem, even tho it refers to masks of a different kind, all these months after you posted this poem, it still applies to the masks that cover millions of faces these days. The masks are a symbol of how the leadership in all countries feed us information based on their desire to control us, not based on what we need to know. I love your powerful expression of how it can feel to be oppressed & there are millions of people quite oppressed, even in the richest countries! Happy New Year! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Months Ago

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Added on February 24, 2020
Last Updated on February 24, 2020



Delhi, Delhi, India

I enjoy writing and i believe that could be the only introduction of anyone who writes. Its a passion and it keeps me going. I am new into this, but I am learning. Its nice to be here. more..


A Poem by raj24


A Poem by raj24