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Things We Lost in the Tide

Things We Lost in the Tide

A Story by randi-lynn

The warm sand felt good on her bare legs as she lay out on the beach. She could hear the laughter of a little girl as the tide washed over her feet, the roaring of the ocean, and the squawks of the seagulls.
Laying on her back she could hear the small girl squeal with delight, bringing her back to her first trip to the beach. she was six years old and her mother had taken her to the beach, but her father had not come with them.
"Mommy, why did Daddy stay home? Doesn't he love me any more?" she remembered asking.
"Of course he love you," her mother had said. "but i just thought that you and I could use some time to our selves."
 They stayed at beach for a week, her mother always changing the subject of he father. When they finally got home, her father was not there. All of his stuff was gone, he hadn't left behind a single thing.
"Mommy, where's Daddy?" she said as she looked up at her mother. Her mother started to answer her, but instead began crying.
And now as she lays on the beach, she thinks about her parents' divorce. She is nineteen now and she wonders if she will ever truly get over it. If she will ever be whole again.

© 2010 randi-lynn

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I have to say; I really do adore the concept of this story and the way you approach it with the beach receding into the flashback. The were a few typos, but the only thing I would really focus on is that this story seems just a bit abrupt. I wish you could slow it down a bit and expand the scenes. Otherwise, again, I really liked this, particularly the last few lines. That really does bring out an interesting turn on the previous flashback. ^^

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 24, 2010
Last Updated on March 24, 2010



Louisa, KY

blah more..