Too Long (a newstart)

Too Long (a newstart)

A Poem by Stephan E. Weller

I wrote this poem for my daughter because I have not seen her in 18 years and well its for her


As time hits the twilight of the day
I ask was there any other way
To have stayed in your life
and make your mom my wife
You were to young to know
how I loved you so
The things I was not and could not be there for
To even treat you like a young lady and open your door
To play pretend and run the days away
Knowing as the good father the right words to say
I missed your first steps and first day at school
I wanted to be there to let you know things would be cool
Your first boyfriend and the father talk
but I was not able to do the daddy walk
now you're almost 18 and grown
So many times the chances I have blown
I would never to be able to say sorry enough
I just pray that your life was not like mine and rough
I can only love at a distance and hope you won't be annoyed
Because the fateful day in Nov. there began a void
I see the pictures and how you have grown
I can only wonder if love you were properly shown
I just hope that you can find it in your heart
to give this ole fool another chance and start
You have been on my mind everyday
and I miss you more than words can say
I dream of the day when we would meet
I would hold you and sweep you off you feet
I would cry those tears of joy and happiness
I would cry this I confess
I ask only this for my heart
allow me in your life even if just a small part

© 2010 Stephan E. Weller

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WOW! This is amazing. You can really connect with the feeling of the poem. Nice work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 27, 2010
Last Updated on August 27, 2010


Stephan E. Weller
Stephan E. Weller

Henderson, NV

I have always had a love of writing but until the last few years have I really started trying to write. I am a very late bloomer considering I am in my early forties and just now trying to write and p.. more..