Wake Up Sir

Wake Up Sir

A Poem by Stephan E. Weller

this is a ummm political one



You scare me with your talks galore

Your lies and end of war

Because you forgot the ones you are supposed adore

You are allowing sacrilege upon holy ground

But to defend my view you don’t make a sound

You talked about rebuilding our precious land

Yet you spend and then steal from my hand

How am I to make it here

When what you do spreads anger and fear

Please don’t get me wrong your forbearers weren’t much either

But you keep making everyone’s debt higher 

Stop this madness please sir

So that way healing can incur

Healing from the racial and ethnic divides

Because right now you cause your brothers and sister here to choose opposite sides

You give criminals home food and medical care

But you leave the ones who need of meal and meds unaware

Your babies and elderly die each and everyday

Because you continue choosing the insurance way

Not that I don’t want to give you a reasonable chance

 But upon the blood and tears of your people you dance

And talk about the faith of a far off land

And your Christian faith you seem not to stand

You are dancing upon your family’s backs hearts and lives make no mistake

But continuing this I don’t know how much more lady liberty can take

Hear our cries and hear our pain

Open your ears it truly is not a strain

I don’t claim to know all you do

But all this stress and mess I live in is because of you

I am not the one and only

But keep this up in 2012 you will find yourself lonely

So if you are going to screw us please be honest and up front

And not some lying cheating hussy pulling smoky stunts

It shows me you never intended to help your own

But to assist and give to others that isn’t true transplants or home grown

You have hurt your supposed love that is the U.S.A

I just hope you grow to respect her someday

© 2010 Stephan E. Weller

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Added on August 30, 2010
Last Updated on August 30, 2010


Stephan E. Weller
Stephan E. Weller

Henderson, NV

I have always had a love of writing but until the last few years have I really started trying to write. I am a very late bloomer considering I am in my early forties and just now trying to write and p.. more..